My Arranged Boyfriend

Harry Styles isn't exactly the 'one' for Haley Green. She isn't obsessed with One Direction, like all the other girls in school. She is the most popular girl at school. All the boys want to be her boyfriend. She tries to tell her parents she doesn't want to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. But they just won't listen. Haley decides she's going to make it as difficult for Harry as she can. Only until she finds herself falling head over heels for him.


16. Proposal

Haley's POV:

"So, Hay. What do you wanna do tonight?" Harry asks. 

"Be the lazy bum I am." I shrug. 

"Sure thing. I have a... surprise for you." 

"What's the surprise!?" 

Harry laughs, "Would it be a surprise if I told you?"

I shake my head.

"Didn't think so." 


Harry's POV: 

3 hours later 

I get down on one knee. 

"Haley. You're the most beautiful, most talented girls I've ever known. And I want to be with you forever. I love you. Will you marry me?" 

"Y...yes! Harry, I love you, too." 

A/N: There you be. The final chapter. Dont worry though guys. There will be a sequal! Yay! Called... Fornever Alone Byeeeee guys!

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