My Arranged Boyfriend

Harry Styles isn't exactly the 'one' for Haley Green. She isn't obsessed with One Direction, like all the other girls in school. She is the most popular girl at school. All the boys want to be her boyfriend. She tries to tell her parents she doesn't want to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. But they just won't listen. Haley decides she's going to make it as difficult for Harry as she can. Only until she finds herself falling head over heels for him.


8. Okay, So Maybe I'm in Love.

Haley's P.O.V

"Morning, Shannon." I say, stretching. London is so beautiful in the morning. "Where's Harry?" She asks. "I'm not sure. I think he went for a run." I hear the door open, "What the hell, Stacy. Get out my bloody house." Shannon looks at me, "Harry's home." "No!" I laugh, note the sarcasm.  I walk to the front door, "Morning Harry!" "Morning beautiful. Stacy, OUT!" "Kiss me first." I mockingly laugh, "Over your dead body." "Who is she? Your new 'girlfriend?' It's just one after the other for you isn't it?" She spits. "Say it, don't spray it." I smirk. "Ladies." Harry says, moving me away from her. Then Louis walks in, "CAT FIGHT!!! CAN I HAVE A FRONT ROW SEAT!" "Be my guest." I say. Shannon tiptoes through, "Louis!" "Good morning. How'd you sleep?" "Fine thanks." Stacy walks to me, "You better watch it. If you break Harry, I'll break you." Harry laughs, "She doesn't have a choice." I giggle as Harry says this. His words make my legs feel like jelly. "Harry is just a player." She yells. I'm in love with him... Don't worry, I'll tell Shaz later. I decide to stand up for him, "The only reason he would have cheated on you is cause you're an ugly cow and a bitch!" Shannon's eyes almost popped out of  her head. "Um, I don't think you should be here anymore. Good-bye." I slam the door in her face. "Oh my God! Haley you've learned to finally stick up for yourself!" Shannon yells. I nod, smirking, "I've learned from my good friend. Shannon." Harry smiles, "You guys must be really good friends." "No duh!" Louis laughs. 

"So," Shannon says, when we're alone in my room, "You  and Harry. I've never seen you stand up for a boy like that." I giggle, "Yeah, I'm in love with him. I'm still letting on I'm not though. I wanna see how hard he's gonna work." Shannon nod, "My lips are locked." 

Harry's P.O.V

I walk to Haleys room, I'm about to open the door when I hear, "You and Harry. I've never seen you stand up for a boy like that." Haley giggle, I love that giggle, "Yeah, I'm in love with him. I'm still letting I'm not though. I wanna see how hard he's gonna work." Ah, two can play this game. I'll make her say it. I'll make her say she wants me. I have that little charm. I walk to Liams room. He's sitting on his bed texting. "Li?" He looks up, "Hey Haz. What's up?" "So, I just heard Shannon and Haley talking. Haley says she wants to see how hard I'm gonna work. I don't exactly understand. Any ideas." "Yeah, girls say that all thetime. It means she wants you to work, to make her fall in love." I smirk, "Can I-" He interupts me, "No Harry. You can't. It means, buying her presents, taking her on romantic dates, and lastly taking her SHOPPING!" "Oh, Gawd. This might take a while." "C'mon man. Give it a try. That's how I won Daniell over." He laughs. "Kay. Thanks brother. I'll give it a try." He nods, and I walk out. I knock on Haley's door, opening it enough for my head to stick in, "Haley, babe. Do you want to go for dinner? Tonight." "Harry, babe. I'd love to. Come here. I want to try something." I sit down on the bed next to her. She doesn't say anything, all she does is presses her lips to mine. "I don't love you. But we have to make it look that way." Lie. "Okay. Get ready, we're leaving soon." I whisper. 

Haley looks stunning. Her black dress, fitting her curves nicely. I kiss her cheek, tonight I'll make her feel like she's the 'Only girl in the world.' (a/n Rihanna song.) 

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