My Arranged Boyfriend

Harry Styles isn't exactly the 'one' for Haley Green. She isn't obsessed with One Direction, like all the other girls in school. She is the most popular girl at school. All the boys want to be her boyfriend. She tries to tell her parents she doesn't want to be Harry Styles' girlfriend. But they just won't listen. Haley decides she's going to make it as difficult for Harry as she can. Only until she finds herself falling head over heels for him.


12. Lazy day.

Haley's P.O.V 

I wake up on the beach in Harry's arms, with a horrible head ache.Everyone else is awake cleaning up the mess we made. "Haley's awake!" Zayn yells. Liam walks over to me, handing me two advil, for my head. Shannon runs to me, "God Haley. Last night was so FUN!" "Shhh." I hold my index finger to my lips, "Harry's stil sleeping." "Wake him up." I walk to Harry, "Baby wake up. Harry!" Nothing. I push my lips on his. His eyes open, slowly, "Why!" "Help me clean up." I grab his hand puling him up. "God. Liam, give me something for my head. Haley, that was the best party ever." "Shit. You got me drunk last night. That was really the best part." I laugh, "Put the music on!" 'Back to Life' (A/N: 3OH!3) came on. Everyone starts singing. "Haley. Come here." Harry says. I skip to where he is, "Kiss me." "That's what I was planning on doing." He chuckles. Our lips squish together, I laugh into the kiss. "I love you. Haley. Don't ever, ever leave me." Harry looks, deep into my eyes. "I won't ever, ever leave you. Never." Our noses brush, lightly. I smile. I've forgotten the time I was cheated on, the time I was bullied, the time my brother was arrested for no reason. Well actually, I haven't forgot that. I don't think I ever will. "Haley?" My thoughts were interupted. "Uh, yeah." "I just wanna stay ere today. Have a Lazy Day. I don't want to go home." "Whatever you want. My little Hazza poo comes first." He hugs me, not letting go. He long fingers run through my messy hair. I draw small circles on his back. A soft kiss is placed on my neck. I place one in return on his neck. Nibbling lightly on the skin. "Hey! LOVEBIRDS! Get down here and help us clean up." "Sorry J! We're busy!" Harry yells back at Justin. "Harry, let's just help the Biebs clean up. It is our mess. Too." "Fine. TOO BE CONTINUED!" He yells, laughing. I giggle, "Too be continued." 

*2 hours later* 

Harry and I have sat staring into each other eyes for the 45 minutes. I decide it's time to make a move. I crawl closer to him. His arms close, around my waist. I squeal, as he stands up, still holding me. As he starts running down the beach, I relize what he's doing. "Don't you dare throw me in the water, STYLES!!!!" "Too late." I'm dumped in the water, making an imbarassingly big splash. "Thanks alot." I laugh. "No problem darling." "I hate you!" My lips press to his. I scream, as he grabs my hips. "You won't get away with saying that." Warm lips are pushed on my fore head. "You can kiss better than that." I smirk. "Yes, yes I can." He locks lips with me. His tongue rolls on my bottom lip, begging for access. I open my mouth, feeling his tongue dance with mine. This kiss isn't like any other one we've shared. This is amazing, there is no sparks. There is a firework show. His hand moves to my lower back.My hand grips his wet curls. After 2 minutes Harry pulls away. "Noooooo!" I moan. "Yeah. I'm going home. We can continue when we get back?" I laugh, "TOO BE CONTINUUUUED!" "YEAH!" He throws his fist in the air. I grab his back as he's getting out of the water. "What?" "You're giving me a piggy back home. Duh." "Onward!" Harry calls. I laugh, all the way home. 

Whenn we get back, we see Shannon and Louis snogging on the couch. Nall was laying on the floor, asleep. Zayn was in the kitchen eating and Liam was... God knows where. We sneak upstairs, no one noticing we were home. "Haley," Harry whispers, "You're so perfect."

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