When your Bestfriend leaves, You must move on.

****This is similar to waht happened in real life, not everything actually happened. The first chapter is very acurate. Every thought I thought in the Movella is true. My bestfriend did actually comit suicide. I'm remaking some things in the story, because it would have a better ending then real life.****

I thought she was just sick from schoool, until our Pricnipal came on the anouncements, "Students we have lost a student to suicide," That poor soul I think. "Ilyssa Rushing was a good student..." my ears go death, I can't hear what he says anymore.


1. The Tree.

                I sob. My bestfriend, is gone forever. I just thought she was sick this morning. I fall to the floor of my first period classroom in tears. Our principal just announced the death of Ilyssa Hayli Rushing. I start screaming “NO!” and pound the floor. The teacher had to get the Gym teacher to just get me off the floor. After they got me up I sat in my chair with my legs up against my flat chest and I put my arms around my legs crying still. They’re trying to talk to me, but I can’t hear them. So many thoughts run through my head. How will I survive the rest of highschool? I will be known as the girl who cried as a freshman over her bestfriend. Well of course I would, but Highschool has no sympathy, I’ve learned. I think the teacher just gave up and let me cry. The whole classroom was silent except for my loud sobs, that I’m sure, can be heard in the other room. I heard the bell ring that signals for second hour. I just stay in my seat. Eventually I heard the late bell ring for all those who shall be tardy for second hour. I look up from where I sit. A whole class stood in front of me, one including my crush. He walks up to me and hugs me tightly. I just cry. I can hear him sniffle letting out a little cry. He hung out with and Ilyssa a few times. When I released him from our hug he looks at me with watery, red, puffy eyes.

                “We should go to the counselor.” He suggests. He glances at the teacher and she nods in approval.

                I grab my stuff and head down the hallway. Now the shock hits me. The hallways are different now. They used to be this bright red and black, our school colors, but now all they remind me of is blood and death. I gaze up the stairs and Cody looks at me with pity, “Do you want me to come with you? Or would you rather be alone?” he sniffles.

                “Come with me?” I ask desperately.

                He grabs my hand, his fingers intertwining with mine. This was the first time ever he held my hand; it was all because of Ilyssa. Oh god, I can’t even think about her without letting out a sob. He can tell that the whole ordeal is getting to me and surrounds me with another hug in the very middle of the big staircase. Today was January 21, 2013. The announcement stated she died yesterday.

June 30, 1998 - January 20, 2013. My bestfriend was only 14. She had been on suicide watch ever since the eighth grade, when she was 13 after her sister died. She tried to kill herself a week after her sister’s death. I felt so bad for her; I started hanging out with her, being her rock. I realized how cool and fun she was. We clicked the first time she came over to my house and marked on my sleeping older brother’s face with sharpies. I can’t even remember a time she was sad. I had just talked to her on the phone before she left us. She said, “I’ll be okay, I promise. See you at school.” But I won’t see her at school.

I feel like the hallways are spinning as I make the rest of the trip up the hallway to the guidance counselor’s office. I hated the counselor. Her name was Mrs. Ally, before I renamed her in the beginning of the year. Her name now is Mrs. Monster. She always acted like one. Ilyssa helped me name her that after she told her a few mean words about families close to hers.

The green door with the sign “Ally Rogers” on it was my least favorite. I knock on the door with my free hand and she comes to the door with a smile looking at Cody, when her head turns my way it fades, “Hello,” she said sounding a little irritated, “I know this is a hard time for you Reyna, but I’m a little busy. All we can let you do at the time is sit in the hallways. What class are you in? I’ll tell them you’ll probably not come to class.”

“World History, Rider.” I sniffle remembering Coach Rider loved Ilyssa. She always made him laugh in 2nd period.

“Okay, well Cody, does your teacher know you’re in the hallways?”

“Yes, she gave me permission to come with Reyna.”

“Okay, don’t be a stranger, if you need me just knock, I’m just a little busy now, like I said earlier.” She looks at him with a smile and turns her head at me, trying to make sure it applies to both of us. I know it didn’t. No need to try.

She walks back into her office and through the window I can see her pick up her cell phone, I can faintly hear her talking, “Yes, honey. I just had Reyna bother me, it’s nothing really. I told her I was busy.” I swear to god a bus should hit this woman.

Cody turns to me, “What was that about? She’s never mean to anyone?”

“She is to me; Ilyssa too,” I shake my head at the ground, “Always have been.”


“Didn’t you hear about that fight in 7th grade with some 7th grader and 8th grader? And the 8th grader lost, badly?”

“Yes! I heard the 7th grader didn’t get in trouble either because it was self defense.”

“Well I was the 7th grader. Lauren Rogers, Mrs. Mon-- Ally’s daughter, was the 8th grader.”

“You mean you beat an 8th grader, sophomore now, up? Didn’t you know her mom would hate you here?”

“Well, yes and no. I figured she’d forget in two years time, but she hasn’t because I permanently took some of Lauren’s lip off with my ring,” I gesture my hand up, “Whoops.”

He laughed and I chuckled just a little bit. We walked around to my locker, which I shared with Ilyssa. I opened it up and saw all the One Direction pictures. God, that band was so mainstream. She kept talking about them all the time to the point where I like maybe one or two songs by them. I took one of the single pictures of who I think is Louis, her favorite. I place it back where I found it and took the box with all of our notes in it. Opening the one in which I told her about Cody, and she told me about Dylan Collins, a senior she made-out with once. He’s gay now.

I read the note over and I forgot Cody was standing right behind me, “Oh so you like me? Or used to…” he seemed sad at the last choice.

I smile, “I do like you.”

“That’s good then,” he leaned down and pecked my cheek, “I like you too.” He winked.

“I don’t think I can handle a relationship right now though Cody.”

He let go of my hand and scratched the back of his neck looking at the floor, “Oh, well I understand. Completely.” He looked at me and smiled.

I got on my tiptoes and tried kissed his cheek, but merely missed. I am only 5”1’ and he’s 5”11’. My converse aren’t helping me with my height today. We laugh and he squats down just a bit and I kiss his cheek with no trouble.

I close the locker taking a picture of Louis, her least favorite of him. Why she has a picture that is her least favorite in our locker I will never understand. I stuff it into the clear part of my binder with no wrinkles. I slid my back along our locker and the one under ours and sit there looking through the glass across the hall that shows the quad. Well the top of the tress in the quad.

The mood was set perfect outside for me, raining and gloomy. I always loved the rain, but hated thunder storms. They scared me so much once at Ilyssa’s house she had to stay up all night with me when we had to go to our summer course of Latin the next morning. We watched very old shows like Rugrats, Full House, The Amanda show… it was the re-living of our childhood we told her mother the next morning when she asked why we stayed up.

I walk up to the glass without my backpack on and open the window. As it swiveled open I stepped on the edge of the brick outside of the building. I’ve done this before with Ilyssa, “are you coming?” I turn back and say to Cody, he looked concerned like I was going to jump and land on my head. He comes up to the next one and opens it.

“What are you doing?” He asks.


I look at the nearest tree and found a branch to cling to; I jumped. I could hear Cody gasp. I land on the branch without stumbling, might I mention I’m standing on the branch, “Come on! It isn’t hard!”

He jumps and lands on his stomach and groans, “Hitting your stomach is the worst thing to do when doing this,” I tell him.

“Thanks for telling me now.”

“Is that sarcasm I hear?” I ask.

He laughs and gets to his feet. He looks at the ground with fear, “Don’t look down,” I say, “It makes you scared.”

He looked up at me and walked over under all the branches with me. I sat near the middle of the tree always when Ilyssa and I skipped class to do this. Without telling him where to sit, he sits right where I usually did. I sat right next to him and leaned into him letting out a sob.

“It’ll be okay,” he says. I know it won’t. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will be, but now it’s not. I pull out from my crying spot in his chest and notice all my mascara and eye liner in his white material.

“Sorry,” I say wiping my eyes.

“It’s okay, I’m right here for you.”

I rest my head back on his chest and he puts his arms around me and places his head on my shoulder. I can’t tell what is wet from rain and my tears now. I can’t leave this spot. There are too many memories with Ilyssa that will trigger my waterworks. It doesn’t matter anymore; I cry into his chest and try not to think about what will happen when I get home, or worse, tomorrow.


Okay so yeah. This was a little hard to make. Please Like it and Favourite it. -Reyna:] xx

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