Foster Off

15 year old Sierra was raised in a foster home since age 2. With a foster mom, and a foster dad in the hospital, what will this turn into? Who adopts her? Will the 15 year old American foster child meet love along the way of adoption?


2. Not Gonna Go

What was he doing in America?! HE LIVES IN ENGLAND! "What not?!" Ella snaps.. "Because. He lives all the way across the country. I won't ever be in America again if I move in with him." I say with my arms still crossed. I've watched him on Tv so many of times, and in my opinion, he's a major dick! 

"Sierra, your going. Get your stuff together. Say your good-byes." Ella says as she hands him a pen and he starts filling out the paper work. I groan and I hug everyone.. They all hug me back, well.. Not all. Most though. Fonna and her snobby bitches don't.. Probably jealous. I seriously don't understand why. I go upstairs to get the little that I own. A few clothes, a couple of photos of me and the girls, and a teddy bear. I put it in my bag and I walk downstairs, still mad. Ella tries hugging me but I pull away from her. He leads me to a limo.. I stay quiet and he just looks at me.. I have blue eyes, that often change to Jade green.. I wear glasses, not the dorky round Harry Potter kind,  but..  Like reading glasses! I wear those type. I have black long hair that goes to my shoulders. "So.. Sierra, right?" He asks, in a strong British accent. I nod, "Duh. You just adopted me and you had to make sure my name was Sierra?" I ask with an attitude. He just looks shocked. 

After a few hours of silence, we arrive at an airport and he leads me up the plane.. 


Sorry it was so short, but, I didn't wanna give much away. Do you know who adopted Sierra?

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