Foster Off

15 year old Sierra was raised in a foster home since age 2. With a foster mom, and a foster dad in the hospital, what will this turn into? Who adopts her? Will the 15 year old American foster child meet love along the way of adoption?


3. Home...Sweet? home..

"I still can't believe they made it this far! I am so proud of my boys!" My new dad, Simon exclaims. Who are these boys he keeps talking about?! He's spent the last five hours talking about them! I swear, if I ever meet them, I will kill them. 

The plane finally lands.. Once we get to his house, my mouth drops. It's huge! "I'll show you to you're room" Simon says showing me upstairs, to a nice, huge room. I look at him.. "Simon's you're name, right?" I ask softly yet bitchy. "Indeed." He says as he walks inside my room. I look around, in shock. "Sierra, I have to go do some things in my office downstairs, feel free to look around." He tells me. He leaves and I shut the door. I see a bathroom in my room. I decide to take a bath. I get some clothes out and I run a bath.. I go downstairs to Simon.. I look around for him and I finally find him.. "Simon.." I ask softly.. "Yes?" He says looking up.. "Um.. Where are the towels? I'm gonna take a bath.." I say softly.. He gets five towels and hands them to me.. "Here.. And there are clothes in the dressers in you're room.. Feel free to wear them." He tells me as I walk upstairs.. I pick out a tank top and some sweat pants.. I go to take a bath.. I turn the water off, I strip down and I get into the bath..

After several minutes, I hear noises in my room.. At first I just think I'm hearing things, then I know I hear stuff. I get up and I wrap a towel around my body.. I go into my room and I see no one, nothing.. I just stand still looking forward  but a noise comes behind me. "RAWR!" Some one yells straight behind me. I fall down. I look at him and I see two guys laughing at me.. I roll my eyes.. "I'm sorry.." One says still laughing. He offers me his hand but I roll my eyes and I get up myself. "I'm Harry" One says.. I roll my eyes,  "I'm Sierra.." I say.. The other just looks at me, "I'm Louis" He mumbles, after Harry had hit him.. I roll my eyes.. "You're jerks" I tell them, tightening the towel, luckily it hadn't fallen off when I fell. "Who the fuck are you guys anyway?!" I ask after a minute of silence. I roll my eyes and I push past them going back into the bathroom. I lock the door and I put on clothes and I let the water out. I walk downstairs with my hair in a bun. "SIMON!" I scream. He runs towards the stairs, since I was on the bottom stair.. "Everything alright?" He asks. "Nope.. Two morons came to my room, Harry and Louis.." I mumble.. 

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