The Silver shoes

The package came, I didn't order anything so it took me by surprise, the brown crispy paper was neatly bent over a box, I shook it eagerly, I picked it up carrying it inside as I laid it on the small oak table in the centre of the main room. I carefully undid the wrapping to reveal a delicate, cardboard box in red, I sighed slowly opening the lid. Gasping at the beautiful red point shoes. They had small patterns in silver running along the side. I was amazed. Underneath was a small envelope, it was cream coloured with a purple seal of a ballet dancer doing a pirouette, I slowly opened it to find a small note in purple swirly hand writing, 'you have true talent'. I flipped the little card over to find that it said, 'you have been excepted at Ruby Red Ballet School, please join us every day at 5p.m. I smiled, looking at the shoes.


3. On the highway

I have been planing to be a ballet dancer for almost all my life and I wasn't going to let my dad stop me.I packed my things and left a note on my dads pillow saying:I'm leaving to Ruby Red ballet school I promise to visit.

Vanessa xoxoxo

Then I left without looking back.I was a new person now,and I knew I could visit my house at the holidays.'There is no going back' I thought 'This is it'


I got of the bus infront of the Ballet school.I was extremely nervous.     

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