One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


14. Zayn Imagine


A/N: I'm sorry for this. Its sexual and it just kind of happened anyway this is for Emily

"Hey guys I'm home!" a voice yelled from the front door as we sat at the table. It was kind of sad we hada four famiy members but Brendan never comes home aymore. "Really Brendan you just waltz in like you havent been gone for forever!" My mum screams. "I supose I'll serve you up some dinner." She runs to the kitchen. "Oh and my mate Zayn is here too. I hope thats okay." Brendan says walking into the dinning room with a black haired cute boy behind him. "This is Zayn, we met at a club and were pretty tight now." Brendan shrugged. "I guess I'll sit right here next to mum." Brendan awkwardly sits down. Zayn walks around the table to sit next to me. I glance at him and smile. "Hey beautiful!" Zayn whispers and winks. "Hi my name is Emily." I reply brushing my hair back. "mm we should hang out sometime. maybe after dinner." Zayn whispers giving me a sexy half smile. Half way through dinner we were eatting with the occasional convesation starting. Suddenly I felt a hand massaging my thigh. I gasp and drop my fork. "Whats wrong darling?" my Mum asks as Zayn shoots his hand away. "Nothing I just dropped some food on my lap. Clumsy me." I say reaching down to my lap but instead replacing Zayns hand and rubbing his bulge. "May I use the restroom?" Zayn asks politely. "Of course its just down that hall" My mum answers. "Mckenzie is calling be right back!" "I yell and sprint toward my room but skid into the bathroom just as Zayn was about to close the door. "What do you think you were do-" I start but Zayn pushes me against the door and runs his hands up my torso. "Zaynnnn" I quiver. "hmmm?" he hums. "whatch ya.. ohh" I sputtter as Zayn moves under my shirt and unclips my bra. "I see how it is" I smirk nothaving done this before but having a feeling Zayn and I could do some damage to this bathroom. I rip his shirt of over his head and lick up his abs. Zayn being impatient pulls down his own pants. I am still for a moment unsure of what do, I decide I should try and be a tease so I bend down and with my mouth slowly pull his boxers down letting his bulge come free. I then take off my shirt and shorts and run to the other wall where I stand with my back to him. "Come here" Zayn growled grabbing me and putting me on the sink. He tugged my underwear off exposing me fully. I started to get nervous I knew where this was going and Ii was okay with it but I was also scared out of my mind. Zayn grined rubbing my clint. I dug my nails into his back feeling good. I start to scream but am met with a kiss to shut me up as Zayn plunges his fingers into me. I bite Zayns bottom lip asihe moves his tongue ariund trying to get me comfotable. "ready babe?" Zayn asks setting me on the floor so he controled me. I nod feverishly. Zayn spreads my legs apart and lines his hard dick up. I grab it at the last moment nervous and begin to rub it to postpone the moment. Zayn throws his head back and moans. I flip him so I top and I continue to rub, I lick it and then Zayn gets in patient. He flips me over and teases me so I am forced to arch my back bucking my hips up causing his dick to move into me. This time i scream loudly. Zayn thrusts in and out while i pull on his hair and scream "ZAYN!" He continues to please me and his thrusts get faster. "Zayn. ZaYn.. ZAYN!" I scream. His thrusts get slopier and he releases. He rolls over and I fall onto his chest. He is still inside me but we are done. I love the feeling of just having him in me and being a part of me. "Well youre a little pleaser arent you" Zayn laughs. "I guess."  I answer."You know we gotta go back to dinner right?" I ask. "Yeah i know" Zayn says disappointed. "Well after dinner we can..." I start. "Round two" Zayn finishes. "I was going to say hang out. " I laugh resting my head on his chest.











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