One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


13. niall imagine

imagine- sitting in your room watching youtube videos when you hear a knock on your door. You run downstairs to answer it but Niall was already standing there. "Hey baby!" He greats you happily.  You smile and go hug him, "what's up" you ask. "Oh just coming to pick up my princess. Where is she anyways?" Niall jokes. "I dont know" you joke back. Niall wraps his arm around your shoulder and gives you a squeeze. He then picks you up and puts you over his shoulder. "NIALL!" you laugh. He runs and puts you in his car. After a short 5 minute drive you arrive at Coldstone. Niall finds a table for you two and goes to order knowing exactly what you want. You check your phone as you wait for Niall to come back. 'No new messages' you slip your phone back into your pocket. When you look up Niall is there holding a cone. "Here, we can share" Niall says. You take turns eating and Niall eventually finishes it all. "Come sit on my lap babe" he says. So you go sit on his lap. He takes your hand and puts it over his heart. You feel how fast its beating. "This is what happens when im with you..... and only with you." You smile and niall kisses you slowly

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