One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


11. Niall Imagine

imagine- you've fallen asleep with niall hugging you. When you wake uup Nialls still asleep. You creep away and go on the computer. When you pull up facebook you see a picture of niall and you asleep. Aww you think bbut then it crosses your mind how did this get on here!?! You look to see who had posted it: Louistomno9191. Lou! "Hey sweetie! What's that?" Niall says coming up behind you. "Lou saying to please get married already" you reply laughing. Nialls silent. You turn around to see why. Hes on the ground kneeling with a red face and aa ring in a box. "Chelsey, I love you and i dont ever want you to leave me. Will you marry me?" You sit there shocked and then say "yes!" And hug niall. "Did you put Lou up to this?" You question. Niall laughs, "no, he has no idea!"

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