One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


4. Niall Imagine

imagine- 3 months ago was you and your boyfriend Nialls two year anniversary. Since then you had grown a baby bump. Yes that's his you and Niall had celebrated.  It had been one of the best nights of your life.... You woke up with Nialls arm around you. "Nialler are you up?" You whispered.  "Am now" he replied. "Sorry babe go back to sleep" you say. "I cant now that my love is up!" Niall says to you. You get up and get dressed for the day. Niall just gets up and stays in his boxers. He comes up behind you and puts his hand on your stomach. "We make a great couple you know?" You turn your head and give him a quick kiss "I know" you say with a smile. "And our baby will be beautiful just like you" he gushes. "Aww I love you!" You say. "I love you to princess" Niall sings. Then he puts bis face next to your stomach and sings to the baby. You know hes going to be a great dad. "Your amazing, you know that?" You say. "Not as amazing as you." He smiles and kisses you.

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