One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


1. niall imagine

"Niall!?" You yell opening the door of his appartment. You kick you shoes off, throw your coat on the chair and walk inside. "Niall?" You whisper. "Its just (Y/N)" you hear him say. His voice seems to come from the bedroom so you tiptoe over to the door. You peak through a small opening and see Harry sitting next to Niall. "What about her Niall? You've been friends for over a year now. Theres nothing you dont know about her so what could possibly be bothering you?" Harry says. "Its just that.... i dont know. My feelings might have changed." Niall tells harry. "Changed? As in you like her?" Harry asks surprisingly. Your eyes wwidden as the words come out of harrys mouth. "Well, maybe. I like the way she smiles. The way she laughs. The way she puts her hand inside her sleves so you can only she the tips of her fingers. The way she laughs. The way she glances at the ground nervously. I just like her." Niall admits. "Niall you have to tell her. She wont bbe single forever." Harry softly tells niall. "I know-" niall starts. "Niall! I have to tell you something!" You say walking in the room. "What is it babe?" Niall asks. "I... I love you!" You say jumping in his arms and kissing him. You run your fingers through his hair as you two fall back on the bed. *2 hours later* your scrolling through instagram when you see a picture of you and niall kissing from earlier. It was posted by harry. Under it it said "its official. Dont hate becuase niall has wanted this for so long. He and @(Y/I/U) are in love" you smile and lean back into nialls arms.
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