One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


8. Niall Imagine requested by @nialllover2013

"Ash?" you hear a name call out, but how could I know anyone here? I came to playlist live alone this year. "Ashley!?" you hear the same voice exclaim again. You turn around looking through the crowd of people but see no one you know so you return to watching the stage. You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around to see Niall Horan, your oldneighbor. "Hey, it is you! I thought I recognized that light brown wavy hair (A/N sorry if its not really wavy). And then when you turned around your amazing blue eyes confirmed your identity." Niall exclaimed. "Hi Niall" It was a bit to obvious that even after you had moved away Niall still had a major crush on you. "How have you been? Gosh I miss hanging out with you everyday!" Niall says happily. "I've been good. Pretty busy." I say casually while keeping an eye on the stage. "Ooooo it's Jenna Marbles!" you squeal. "haha I love her!" niall laughs. "Me too.." i drift off. "I guess somethings never change, right?" Niall says. "Niall, you know I've moved on right? We once almost had a thing but I'm over it." I tell him. "I don't belive you." Niall responds. You turn to those big blue eyes staring at you and start, "Well you bet-" Your words are stopped by Nialls lips. What is he doing you just told him you weren't interested, but something kept you from stopping. You move your lips with his and run your hands through his hair. The moment seemed so right. You hop up and wrap your legs around his hips still running your hands through his hair. He moves you through the crowd to the side where he sits on a ledge. You can feel his hard on against you which makes the moment even better. You break your lips apart and smile at him. "I think you got a little something going on." you smirk. "Cute." Niall smiles. "I thought you moved on.." Niall trailed off. "Maybe I lied." you wink.

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