One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


9. Louis Imagine requested by @kenny tomlinson

One day you see your ex at dairy queen as youre sitting down waiting for Lou to bring back your blizzards. "Hi Kenedy" Mark says. "Hello Mark" you reply dully peering around to see where Lou was. "How have you been? I've been thinking of you." Mark says sitting down close to you. You shy away from him and reply "Fine." While grimacing. "Whats wrong babe?" he asks. "Nothing." you reply through gritted teeth. "Ok, well we should get back together. I miss you so much!" Mark says. "No, I have a boyfriend." you state. "I said were getting back together." Mark says gripping your wrist tightly. He brushes your curly brown hair behind you shoulder and stares at you. "What's going on here?" Louis demanded as he slid the blizzards on to the table. You give him a begging glance. "Come on move aside Kenedy is my girl!" Louis spits. "She was mine first and shes mine now." Mark replies. "No. Get up and we can fight this out if you want but leave Kenedy alone!" Louis snaps. Mark release your wrist and stands up to face Lou. Louis punches him in the gut. "Man what was that for? I was leaving." Mark says. "Never treat a women like that. When you love someone you'd do anything for them. I'd fight till the end of the Earth for my baby, that was nothing." Louis says. "Lets go babe." he adds grabbing the blizzards and wrapping his hand in yours.

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