One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


12. Liam imagine

imagine- you and Liam had been dating for two week now. Only the boys and management knew. There was no public knowledge. Today you two were in his room hanging out, listening to music and talking when liams phone buzzes. He checks and sees a reminder. "Oh I totally forgot babe. I promised i would do a twitcam. Im sorry I really need to do this." Liam rants. Its clear that he feels bad about this. "Its fine honey. Lets just do it now." You say. Liam smiles and gets everything set up. You both beatbox and sing for a little bit and then its question time. Liam and you answer questions until Liam says "okay last question and then were going to play a game." "Are we dating?" Liam reads. "No, were just friends" he answers. You know that this is the right answer. After playing guess that song Liam says "well were going to to do something now. Good bye everyone!" Liam kisses you and then disconnects during it. You fall bback with Liam kissing you.

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