One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


3. Harry imagine

imagine- Harry had been gone all weekend and when you got home he would be there. When you got home from shopping there was no sign of harry. You couldn't help but feel disappointed.  You set your bags down with a sigh and started toward the fridge. But wait; You look back down at the ground to see a trail of rose petals. You smiled and followed the path through the back door. The roses continued though a small trail mowed through tall grass. You knew exactly where this led to; the meadow. It was getting dark out but you didn't care because Harry was in the meadow! You started to jog; you quickly arrived at the meadow where there was a picnic blanket, basket, and candles set up. How romantic! But where was Harry? A pair if arms wrapped around you and spun you around. You started to scream but a kiss stopped you. It was Harry! You kissed him for what seemed llike forever and the moment wasn't one you wanted tto end. But it did. The night was spent talking and laughing. Hazza made you feel so free! "Lets sleep under the stars tonight" Harry suggested. "That's a great idea!" Harry blows out the candles and you lay down and snuggle together to stay warm. "I missed you so much!" Harry whispered. "I missed you to! Don't ever leave me Harry!" You reply "I would never do that to you babe!" He said back. You fall asleep with your head on his chest listening to the rhythm of his breathing.

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