One Direction Imagines

This is a collection of one direction imagines written by me! Enjoy! x


2. Another Niall Imagine

A/N: This is actually one of my favorite imagines ive ever written so i hope you like it! x



imagine- today is September 24th! You are going to a One Direction signing at the mall. You cant wait to meet the boys! But what will you say? Today was going to be perfect. The signing was at 4:45; you got dropped off at 11:30 to wait. A line had already formed. Luckily you brought your laptop to use. You connect to the wifi and browse the Internet until 4:30 when the boys cone out early! You scream along with the rest of the crowd. You were lucky enogh to be close to the front of the line. After 15 minutes of the line moving its your turn. The boys sit I the order of Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam. "Hey zayn! Va's happening?" You say. "Enjoying being here with aall you beautiful people zayn said as he signed the poster. "Hey louis! How are you?" You ask lou. "Im good thanks love." Louis replies passing the poster to Harry. "Hey Harry! Can I have a kiss?" You ask knowing Harry wont say no. Harry stood up and planted a kiss on your cheek. Next it was niall. "Hi niall. I love you so much." You say trying not to fangirl knowing he hates it. "I love you to babe!" Niall replied. He flopped the poster over and scribbled something down and passed it to Liam. Liam was about to cross out what niall had written. "Don't you dare Liam James Payne!" Niall said stopping Liam. Liam stopped and shrugged. After signing he hands you the poster. You walk over to a bench and read what niall wrote. 'Hey babe! Signing ends in 15 minutes :) text me: 888-555-7362. We should meet up! Love yours truely Niall Horan' wow niall wants to meet up with you! You text niall right away and be answers! Hes taking tine to answer you during the signing! You plan to meet at Nandos and eat. You talk a s bond over the food. It felt like an immediate connection between you two. After dinner niall says "text me later!" You nod your head and niall kisses you good-bye..... for now

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