Peter Pan AU [Larry Stylinson fanfic]

Louis is Peter Pan. He comes for Wendy, but finds her son instead, and decides that maybe that'll do.


1. Forsmag

Preview... smugkig, forsmag:


Harry walks into his bedroom, and almost slams the door, but stops himself, remembering that big boys are not supposed to act childish. Harry wants his parents to see, that he indeed is a big boy now, and so he takes a deep breath and almost whines, but holds it in. The thing is, it’s Harry 12th birthday and it’s only ten o’clock, and his mom is telling him to go to bed, but he doesn’t want to sleep yet, and it’s not fair, because it’s his birthday, and he haven’t even had time to do all the things he wanted to. He’s about to jump into bed, where he can pout into his pillow, and concentrate on not crying, when he notices the window is wide open.


He stands still for a moment, and tries to remember if he closed the window earlier, and he is almost certain, that he did. The bedroom is freezing, and Harry feels goosebumps crawl up his arms, and mark his milky skin. He takes a few steps forward, and sticks his head out the window, as if he’ll find the answer out there. It’s disappointedly quiet, and there’s no one in eyesight.


“Looking for something, curly?” a voice booms and Harry turns around so fast, he almost stumbles over his own feet. His eyes lands on a small boy with flaming red hair, and dashing blue eyes, sitting on his bed. His mouth falls open a little, and he chokes audibly, because is this boy for real. His heartbeat is increasing by every second passing, and he feels like he’s underwater, the silence muffled, at the sight of this boy. This boy surely doesn't look human.

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