Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


3. the date

In the car we asked each other questions and this one caught my eye "Lizzy who do you like" "you" then and there i covered my mouth and trued away from Niall realizing what just happened. Im falling hard for the Irish boy god dammit. Why can't i just fall in love with one of they guys around my block y him. "Lizzy are you ok" "yeah im fine just thinking" "about what" "Things" "ok love" the whole ride was silent the rest of the way there then we pulled up to Nandos my favorite place. "I love this place" "same here lizzy" "Peri Peri chicken" we said at the same time and then we laughed.  We walked inside and took a seat and the waitress came up. "what can i get you to drink" "Coke" "Coke" "ill be right back with your drinks" He walks of giving me a winks and i got goose bumps "love" "yes Ni" "Dani told me that u really like me and that you wish to date me is that true" "yes its true but we just met" "i know we have i was just wondering" "oh ok" we got our food and ate while have small talks in between bites once we finished eating we went over to Niall's house to watch a movie.

"what do you want to watch" "bunny man" "i love that move so much" "same here" "Lizzy we have to much in common" "yeah we do its kinda cute to" "yea" Niall put in the movie while i made the popcorn. In  the middle of the movie Niall pulls me into his arms and whispers something in my ear. "Lizzy i found my princess" " Me Niall" "Yes you love" "But  can;'t be you only knew me for a day" "But i can ask you out later on silly" "That's true" "yes love it is" During the movie Niall fell asleep so i did to.



Sry for the short chapter

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