Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


1. Justin and then out with girls?

"Lizzy" "yea mum" "Justin is here" "ok down in a sec" "ok pumpkin"  So i get down stairs and give my abusive boyfriend a hug and yes i did say abusive.  "hey babe" "hi" "want to go out"  Justin gave me a wink and i knew what he was saying and i did lose my virginity to because he forced me to do it with him and i so hated it.  "um not to day im going out with the girls to day sorry" "whatever b***h" He left and i just ran back up stairs to get ready for the girls day out.  DANI'S POV~~~~  "girl that was fun last night" "yes it was" Eleanor said "we need to do that more often" said Perrie  "awesome" said lulu "Girls breakfast!!" "ok mum"  Us four girls run down stairs and eat in silence and then go back up stairs to get ready for the girls day out. This will be really fun.


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