Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


7. i want him

Its been 2 week since i met Niall and found my brother. I made a new twitter account but blocke all the haters cause i got done with all the hate and i did stop cutting. Niall still hasn't asked me out yet which makes me kinda sad but for now my life is complete.  "Lizzy come on we have to leave for the airport" "ok im coming" "Lizzy come on" "Lou shut the fuck up ahh" i fell down the stairs and when i got to the bottom Niall caught me and i was crying in pain. "Lizzy what hurts" Niall asked me "my wrist" "Lou what the fuck you made her rush and hurt my princess" "i didn't mean to" "whatever Lou fuck off"

Niall took me to the car while carrying me he set me down and got in next to me. "Lizzy let me see your wrist" "ok" i show him the wrist that i used to cut on . "we will get you a doctor when we land in the U.K" "kk Ni" With that i fell asleep on Niall having and bad dream.

I was looking for Niall and i saw him snogging his ex i ran past him and i heard him call my but i didnt look back and i still heard my name it won't go away all of a sudden  woke up crying.

"Lizzy baby are you ok" "no" "whats wrong" "I saw you snogging your ex and then i ran past you and you kept on saying my name and i never looked back" "Lizzy just to say this i would never do that to you and i promise that too" "Thanks Ni" "No problem princess"

NIALL'S POV~~~~ I know that Lizzy wants to be my girlfriend and all but i have something planned out for her and shes gonna love it.  I also feel sorry about her wrist and that she broke it but we will get it looked at after we land to start the TMH tour. i just hope she would love what i have planned out for her and i dont want her to get hate too. "Lou give it back" Lizzy said "No ima read it to Niall" ""NO if you do ill leave"  "I want him" "Lou what the fuck" 

Lizzy and off crying because he knew i heard it and i know its about me "Lizzy baby stop running" Lizzy stopped running and ran to me and gave to a a hug while she said "the words that Lou said were about you Irish motherfucker" "i know they were and i love it when you call me that" when i said that Lizzy kissed me and ran away into Liam's arms because he looked sad and Lizzy told him something to make him smile. boy i love that girl <3

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