Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


9. I have to share!!!

LIZZY'S POV~~~ We got to the hotel and it was huge there were tons of girls outside. I hate the screams of them its so loud. Once the car stopped Niall helped me out of the car and we ran inside till i heard a big bang and another i was getting super scared so i ran ahead of the boys and into the lobby and fell to the ground crying. "Lizzy!!!" i heard Zayn yell. Why would he care about me he hates me. "sis what happened in you past" Lou said. I got up got my key and went up stairs and trying hard not to remember my past. The whole time i was walking to room 167 i was crying and thinking of my past.

* FLASH BACK* I was with Justin he had a gun "Plz babe don't shoot me" "Why not all you are is a piece of shit" "ill do anything just don't shoot  me" "Ok" he gave me a cheeky grin and that's when i lost my virginity. later that day we were just sitting on the couch and someone was at the door i go see who it was and Justin told me to sit down by then Justin shot me and i fell to the ground. all i remember when i woke up was that i was in the hospital thinking of what would of happened if i didn't go with Justin that day. * END OF FLASH BACK*

i opened the door to room 167 and put my things down and went to the bed a fell asleep.

LOUIS"S POV~~~ i wonder what happened in Lizzy's past that made her fall to the ground and cry. I so hope it was nothing bad.Ooo room 168 across from Lizzy ans Niall's room This might be fun i think when Lizzy finds out that she has to share a room with only one bed. Life huh.

NIALL'S POV~~~ I can't wait till i share a room with Lizzy im also very scared about her and what happened in her past. God she scares me at time "Bloody hell" i heard Lizzy say "babe open up" "hold on" a minute later she open the door and let me in "why did you go bloody hell babe" "another DM" "what it say" "It said That's a very nice view i got try and cover up next time ;) Ni i have a stalker" "ya to the looks of it you truly do" "my life sucks" "can you tell me about what happened in your past" "fine" She told me the whole story i felt so sorry for her that i told her that i would always protect her with my heart. "Hey Lizzy" "yea Ni" "will you be my princess" "what" "will you be my girlfriend" "Oh Ni I would love to" i kissed her after she finished her sentence soon it became a full make-out secession but she pulled away smiling and walked off to fix her hair. God i love her.

"Ni" "ya princess" "can we go out tonight with the boys" "ya we can go to a movie and then go out to eat would that work" "yes it would" "ok and you don't have to change your outfit is fine" "ok babe"   i texted the boys to be in my room at 7 so we can got out which they all agreed to. We are going to have fun tonight. Yea buddy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comment on how you like the story so far love ya ~Niall's babe

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