Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


6. i found you

i went down stairs after the bleeding stopped from my wrist.  i was Niall sitting on the couch so i went and sat by him. "Lizzy was is our last name" Niall asked me "my last name is Tomlinson " "wait Lizzy Lola Tomlinson" Louis said "yeah why" "Lizzy its me boo bear" "boo bear and in Lou mcboobear" "yes Lizzy its me"

i started to cry in front or everyone so i got up and ran into Niall's room and locked the door. i just sat in his bed crying. told myself i would delete my twitter and stop cutting when i found my brother. I did as i promised myself i healed the scars with banana cream lotion and fixed my hair when i heard e knock on the door "who is it" "Lizzy let me in its Niall" "ok" i walk over to the door and unlock it for him and then i locked it again. "Lizzy whats that on your wrist" "i cut but-" he cut me off "Lizzy you don't need to cut your perfect you don't cut to solve you problems it only makes it worse" "im so -" he cut me off by kissing me but we didn't pull away we just continued to do it until he put me on the bed and i told him no and that i was sorry for cutting and he said it was ok and to not do it anymore.  after that we went back down stairs. me and Lou got caught up on everything i was now happy that i got my brother back and i know he is too.  we watched movies played games and had tons of fun we stayed up till 12 at night and then we all went to bed but then me and Niall started to fight

"Lizzy you are sleeping on the bed" "no its your bed" "well if you wont sleep on the bed i will sleep with you on the bed" "Nialler your to cute" "Its the Irish motherfucking body" "yes it is"

me and Niall fell asleep. Niall's arms were around me and and he looked so cute when he sleeps. im glad i have him even though he's not in my life. im just glad i found my brother and the one i want to live with for the rest of my life'

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