Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


4. good morning love

NIALL'S POV~~~ I woke up before Lizzy so i can make her some of me famous french toast that the boys love so much. Speaking about the her they come now. "Hey Nialler!!" they coursed "shut the f**k up" "why" harry said "Because Lizzy is sleeping" "oooooo Niall got it on" "Lou fuck you" "we dont have anything planed for today oooo french toast" Liam said "no you guys don't get any its for me and Lizzy only  get lost" "ok well see you later" "ok Zayn" "use protection!!!" "Lou!!!!!!!!!!!"

they left and i got Lizzy up so she could eat her food and take a shower. she can Borrow some of my clothes.  Im in love with Lizzy her eyes are like mine and they change like mine do to she has wonderful straight blond hair with brown under it. I really like her laugh and her smile. Shes. Just. Perfect.

LIZZY'S POV~~~ Niall woke me up so i could eat some food and he hold my to go up in his bedroom and get som clean clothes and to go take a shower and we will have a day for the two of us.  Niall is such a sweet heart. I get in the shower and in the middle of my shower Niall comes in. "hey love" "hey why you in here" "im just grabbing something im on my way out now" "ok Ni" He left and i think he took my towel and clothes because there not in here oh that boy is so dead.

"Niall give me my clothes now or ill leave and never come back" "i want a kiss on the lips first" "ok come here hot motherfucker" I give Niall a kiss but i didnt pull away i continue to go with the kiss and so did Niall. in the middle of the kiss Niall put the towel around my body and continued ti kiss me soon it became a make-out session. Niall pulled away and smiled like he was impressed about what he did. I felt the sparks in the kiss and ik he did too. i smiled and then shut the door to the bathroom so i can get dressed. i got dressed and went down stairs and went into the living room turning on Niall's computer.  I opened Twitter and follow some of Niall's fans because he left it open silly boy.  after following 20 of them i logged him out and logged myself in to see more hate. i get hate for dating Justin Bieber speaking of him im going to text him.

Hey it over im tired of your bullshit

whatever slut

bye bye forever


i was glad i did that. now i have all the nerves off my shoulders from him

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