Wishing every thing would go back to normal

Do you ever wish stuff would go back to normal I know Lizzy _____ no one knows what Lizzy's last name is until someone asks her. Lizzy justs want things to go back from were every thing was ok and smooth in life


5. get out

The whole day me and Niall hung out we and soo much fun we went to a theme park and he won me a big stuff animal bunny its so cut but then we left and Niall took me home. When i get home i put my bunny down and went down stairs and got in a big fight with my mom

"Lizzy get your ares over here now" "what mum" "did you have fun with Niall last night" "i just went on a date with him" "Lizzy your lying to me to cover up that you had sex with him" "mum i didnt have sex with Niall i just met him yesterday" "your such a slut" "and your a b***h" "dont us that language towards me" "i can do what ever i want mum im not 12 and more in 19 fucking get over it" "Lizzy get your ares out of my house" "whatever mother"

i ran up to my room crying i grabbed my book bag threw clothes in it with shampoo tooth brush hair brush etc. i ran out of the house and called Niall


Lizzy whats wrong

I got kicked out and now i have no were to go

love you can stay with me come to my house and u can share a room with me scence (Sp) the boys are using the rest

ok Ni thnks

No problem love see you soon love you

love you too

i hung u0p an ran to Niall's house i can't wait to see Niall again i love him so much. his quiff is so hot same with everything else about him. I still can't get the kiss out of my head the kiss felt so right like i was meant to be with him. after 10 minutes or walking i got there and opened the door very slowly and ran up to Niall's bedroom so no one would see me and i put my things on the couch and i sat and Niall's bed opening my twitter when it oped i say all the hate for breaking up with him i was done with this i went into my bag grabbed my razer that i take around with me and cut myself . i cut myself all the time that's you i wear long shirts and not t-shirts .

Then i put it under water thinking about my brother that i havent seen because he got taken away when i was 12.

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