Daddy Won't Know

A young girl called Kerry is a school girl at Holmes Chapel and she falls in love with this young boy called Harry Styles, but how long can they keep their love a secret without Kerry's father knowing?


3. That Rush

"Finally, you're here!" come on I was only four minuets late, but I guess in Kelly's world that's two hours.
"Let's just go" We then walked away from the park in the cold morning air. As we were walking we saw a few boys in our year being total attention seekers, aka being dick heads. 
"So why were you late?" Kelly quickly snapped at me, I knew it was coming. "I.. um, just slept in" As much as I love Kelly and how I can tell her anything, but talking about family situations I somehow couldn't talk to her about.
"Em, okay" For the rest of our walk, there was just an awkward silence.

We finally got to the school, it was a very awkward walk together, we usually chat about total stupid shit, but this time nothing. We were walking towards the school's entrance, there was then this really nerdy boy who opened the door for us, I had no clue who he was. I just simply walked in with Kelly and thanked the nerdy boy. As soon as we walked in the bell then went for registration, "see you later.." Kelly said to me with a dark tone to her voice. What the hell was wrong with her? "Yeah, bye." I blankly said back. I walked towards my registration classroom, I quite liked going to registration mostly because there is this boy in there, I think his name is Harry. He usually sits alone in registration even though he's quite popular,  the only reason he sits alone is because none of his mates is there. I sit next to my other friend Skyler, but when she's not there I usually catch Harry staring at me, then when I catch him he then looks directly into my eyes, and I do it right back to him. We've never talked to each other before, it's just eye contact. 

I then got to the door of my registration class, I walked over to my seat, but Skyler wasn't there, great...
I placed my bag down on the floor and took my coat off while other people were entering the room. As I sat down I then looked over to Harry's seat, too find a few popular lads that was two years above me sitting there. I was quite confused why they were all sitting there, where would Harry sit? I then looked to my side and saw a blurred figure, I tilted my head up to view this person. I then saw really curly hair, it was Harry
"Um, I know we don't talk but can I maybe sit next to you, since my seats taken"  Well that was my question answered anyway. "Um, sure" I said with a crack of a smile. Harry then sat down next to me while biting his lip, like he was trying not to show a smile. When he was sat down he then looked towards the door and cracked a laugh.
"Can you boys please get to registration!" My registration teacher yelled. I then saw it was a bunch of Harry's friends standing at the door laughing, then walked off. Harry then laughed even louder. "What's so funny?" I said with a stubborn tone to my voice, which I didn't mean too.
"Nothing" He replied with a smile. I then rolled my eyes, while placing my elbow down on the desk with my head supported by the palm of my hand.
"I'm Harry" He quickly said while placing his hand out with a smile.
Did that boy ever not smile? "I'm Kerry" I then placed my other arm out to shake his hand, when our hands touched I got this rush inside me, his hands were so soft, he was so gentle when he gave a slight shake to my hand. We then looked straight into each others eyes with a smile on our faces.
I then heard this really loud girl running in the classroom saying "Sorry I'm late" I looked over to the front of the class and saw Skyler, she looked over at me and walked towards me and Harry.
I then realized me and Harry were still holding hands, I pulled my plain boring hands out of Harry's soft hands in a rush. "Sorry I'm in your seat" Harry said to Skyler.
"Trust me, it's okay, i'll sit somewhere else!" Skyler said in a excited way, I now remembered Skyler always persuaded me to walk up too Harry and talk to him, but I always chicken out.  

As Skyler walked off Harry then grabbed my hand and slid it under the table, there it was again, that rush. At the moment he had his soft hands wrapped around my wrists. I was totally, utterly confused why Harry did that. He then slowly came towards my face and whispered in my ear "Don't tell me I was the only one who got that rush" He backed away and held my hand under the table secretly. 

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