Daddy Won't Know

A young girl called Kerry is a school girl at Holmes Chapel and she falls in love with this young boy called Harry Styles, but how long can they keep their love a secret without Kerry's father knowing?


2. Crazy Morning

I woke up this morning from the sound of my alarm, nothing exciting plays on my alarm.
Just a simple message recorded from my friend Kelly saying "Wake up you lazy ass"
I stretched my arm over to my bed side table moving my hand around trying to find the off button.
Just when it went off I then heard my father down stairs shouting. I was unaware of who he was shouting at.
The only person it could have been was my brother, oh shit.
I quickly pushed myself out from under my pink fleeced covers and jumped out of bed in a flash.
I opened my bedroom door and rushed down the stairs and stopped half way.

"YOU ARE SUCH A LAZY LITTLE SHIT" My father shouted, then followed by a child's cry, that child being my little brother Josh.
I continued running down the stairs then saw my brother about to run up the stairs, I quickly put my hands out and held him tight.
"Shhh" I said really quietly. I then picked him up and made sure he held on tight while I carried him up the stairs. I got him into my bedroom and laid Josh down on my pink fleeced sheets carefully. I walked back towards my door and shut it quietly so my dad wouldn't hear. As I turned back around to view Josh he was curled up in tears. I rushed over to Josh and gave him a massive hug.

"What happened?" I asked in a sweet toned voice. "Daddy did it again"
"Daddy did what again?" Out of all the things my Dad has done to upset Josh, it's impossible to count. I then never got a reply from Josh, just tears. My phone then vibrated, while I was still hugging Josh I looked over to my bed side table and there was a text from Kelly. I put my hands on Josh's face while the tears were poring down. "Josh, we can get ready for school, then when I leave the house I will walk you to Aunties and she will drive you to school, okay?" Josh then replied back nodding  his head along side saying "I'll get my self ready" He then got off my bed and walked through into his room. I guessed I shouldn't chase after him regardless on how upset he was.
I walked over to my phone and opened up the message from Kelly. 

To Kerry: "I'm gonna meet you at the park then we will walk from there, k?"
To Kelly: "Sure thing, might be a bit late though" 

I quickly threw my phone on my bed and walked over to my chair that my school clothes were hanging over. As I was getting dressed I couldn't stop thinking about Josh, but after all me and him have both been through he's always the strongest one.

I then walked over to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and did my make up. Luckily in the morning I never had to do much with my hair, I guess it was just naturally nice. 

I walked out of the bathroom and knocked on Josh's door. I then saw this little boy walk out with a beautiful smile on his face, that was the Josh I always knew. "Ready?" I asked looking down at him smiling. "I can go by myself, Auntie only lives four minuets away, and I don't have too cross any roads!" I went down on my knees and kissed him saying "Okay" I got up and walked to my room, put my shoes and coat on, grabbed my bag then kissed Josh on the head. "Bye kiddo" I then walked downstairs and saw dad was now asleep on the coach, I looked up the stairs and saw Josh, I whispered kind of loudly "only go downstairs when you have to leave" I then walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. 

To Kelly: "On my way :)"

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