I Always Loved You

Kayleigh Dunbar is a normal 19 year old girl, who moves to London. She meets Niall Horan in her apartment building and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. But when Kayleigh finds out what Niall has done behind her back- will she ever take him back? Will she ever fogive him?


2. Meeting Her

Niall’s P.O.V

Once I was dressed, had breakfast and was ready to go, I shut the door to my apartment and walked over to the elevator. Today I was meeting up with the boys at the studio. We were going to start writing some new songs- I think. I pressed the button, and then the elevator doors quickly opened. Once I walked inside, I pressed the ground floor button.

The doors just started to shut, and then I heard quiet footsteps making their way over to me. I stuck my hands out to the doors- to stop them from closing. When the person came inside, I noticed it was a girl. She was so beautiful. Her long, brown and perfectly straightened hair, her beautiful pale blue eyes- just like mine. As she stood in the elevator beside me, I noticed she was wearing some joggers, a flowery vest and a pink cardigan.

“Thank you” She said to me, for holding the doors. She leaned over and went to press the button. She noticed that I had already pressed it, then backed away and giggled to herself. She had the cutest giggle. She looked up at me, then started to blush. I think she realized who I was.

“I’m Niall, by the way” I said smiling at her. She returned the smile.

“I’m Kayleigh” She said, quietly and shy. She looked down at her feet.

“I’ve never seen you here before” I said to her.

“Yeah, I just arrived to London this morning” She replied, lifting her head so I was face to face with her gorgous eyes. This was my chance, I wanted to get to know her more. Wait... What if she already had a boyfriend? I paused for a moment. I decided just to act like she didn't, she would say no if she did anyway.

"If you want, I can show you around London? You can get to know the place more?" I said, hoping she would say yes, and prove she didn't have a boyfriend already. She nodded, then smiled.

"Okay!" She said, seeming happy. I was happy too. Just then the elevator doors shot open. She started to walk out.

"It was nice meeting you, Kayleigh" I said quickly, whilst we were still beside each other.

"You too" She said when she was leaving.

After she had left, I went outside and walked to my car- that sat across the road. Once I had unlocked it, I opened the driver side door and sat down. Shoot. I forgot to tell Kayleigh what number of apartment I stayed in. Now we would never be able to meet up again. I had no idea what number apartment she was in either. I will just have to hope that we neet each other in the elevator again.

I put the keys in the ignition, then started to head for the studio. When I pulled into the carpark, I noticed the rest of the boys waiting for me outside. I parked the car and unbuckled my seat belt.

"Hey Guys!" I said, shutting the car door behind me.

"Hey Niall!" Was what most of them replied, or something along those lines anyway.


"Bye Nialler!" The boys all shouted as I got into my car. I had just finished a hard day at the studio with my four best friends. It was getting dark now, so we all decided to call it a day.

After about 5 minutes of driving, I was back at my apartment building. I climbed out my car then locked it, shutting the door behind me. When I opened the building's door, I walked straight over to the elevator.

When I got inside, I remembered what happened earlier this morning, in this very spot; I had met Kayleigh. I kept thinking back to how beautiful she was.

When I was standing in the elevator, I took out the keys to my apartment; number 305.

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I was really suprised that I met Niall Horan today. I mean, he's like totally famous, and I just met him in an elevator. The best thing is; he told my that he would show me around London.

I don't know if that was him just being nice though? What was I thinking; of course he was just saying that, he's bound to have a girlfriend. Althought, I really liked Niall. Well I don't know him that well, but I would like to. However, he would never like me back.

Oh no. I completly forgot; I promised my grandmother that I would write to her the day I got here. I also promised I would sent her it on the same day. I quickly picked up my phone; It was 4:45pm. I remembered seeing a postbox downstairs in the reception area, I also saw that it gets collected every Monday at 5pm. I had 15 minutes before it was collected.

I rushed into my handbag, and layed a pen on the kitchen table. Then brought out a sheet of paper and an envelope from a drawer that I filled earlier. I quickly scribbled down some words, skimmed through the letter, then folded it away inside the envelope. Agh. I forgot a stamp. Oh, I remembered I had one at the bottom of my purse.

After I stuck it on the envelope, and the envelope was sealed; I shoved on my pink vans. I grabbed my key, then walked into the corridor. I was holding the letter in my hand, then with my other, I reached and pressed the button for the elevator to come.

As soon as I pressed the button, the doors shot open. Someone familiar was standing inside it. Niall. I don't think he noticed me. He was looking to his feet, then started to walk out.

"Niall?" I asked, stepping inside. He stopped in his tracks.

"Kayleigh?" He asked, turning to face me.

"Hi again" I said. A smile beamed across Niall's face, I couldn't help but return the smile. The doors started to shut, worst thing was; I was inside the elevator, whilst Niall was just standing outside it. I quickly stuck my hand out to stop them from closing.

"Opps, sorry" I appologised, even though it wasn't my fault.

"Its okay. So, I was wondering..." He sounded nervous. What was he trying to say? I smiled again, urging him to continue.

"If you still wanted me to show you around?" He finished. I nodded and a smile grew on my face.

"Of course. How about tomorow?" His face lit up.

"Sounds great! Where will we meet?" He asked me.

"Hmm... At say, 12:30 you could come by my apartment, I'm number 303?" I said.

"Sure. You stay just two away from me. I'm number 305" He said. I was suprised he just told me that. I thought their managment was like super-over protective and they weren't aloud to give any adresses or number to anyone. Maybe he trusted me?

"Okay, I'l see you tomorow then"

"Yeah, bye Kayleigh" He said when the doors started to shut again. I didn't bother sticking my arm out again- I just left them to close.

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