You Don't Know How Much I Love You

Barom has always been easily... interested in things. Even as a child he showed a strange amount of attachment to his toys. No one ever thought this problem would spiral out of control. But then again, they never found out. His newest interest is in a young girl ready to graduate high school. Her name is Song AhRi. -


1. Prologue

It only started as a simple crush when he first saw her. He thought she was the most beautiful person in the world. He would admire her from afar everyday at the cafe she worked at.

Then he believed he was in love. He'd think about her all the time, write her name everywhere and even fantasize about her.

Then he started to take pictures of her and pin them all over his wall. He would even sit in the back of the cafe and draw her. Eventually, he had a shrine of her.

To him, she was only his. He wanted her. And he would do anything to get her.

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