Loving You Is Like...

Emma Tanberry is a makeup artist she does it for anyone on tour, TV , films anything;She was bought up in Holmes Chapel and went out with Harry Styles but as time went on she began too lose him in the land off fame and fortune,but being a makeup artist she meets different singers and actors and meeting the biggest boy band in the world is a dream come true especially knowing Harry Loved her but can he do the same 4 years later? Or will he break her heart again?


6. Just get this concert started.

''Okay Emma, you have too get there makeup done by 10am and we have another concert at 4pm so be ready before 4 and 10'' Paul said, I nodded and headed in Niall's direction ''Okay pretty boy put that sandwich down and let me get you ready!!'' I said as Niall had a sandwich in his bag and a packet of crisps, ''Okay, Okay'' he said whilst giving me a kiss on my cheek, ''Niall!'' Harry called from behind, he was leaning on the wall with his phone in his grasp ''Kiss there but nowhere else!'' He said, Niall glared at me in confusion ''Long stor-'' ''We have time don't we, come on Em'' After him giving me his cute puppy dog eyes I finally gave in, And told him the story about how I was with him when he auditioned for the x factor and how I was helping him get his job and being friends with Gemma.

After had told Niall I decided to tell all the others They all understood apart from Zayn who told me that Harry made the right choice, How dare him say that...

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