Loving You Is Like...

Emma Tanberry is a makeup artist she does it for anyone on tour, TV , films anything;She was bought up in Holmes Chapel and went out with Harry Styles but as time went on she began too lose him in the land off fame and fortune,but being a makeup artist she meets different singers and actors and meeting the biggest boy band in the world is a dream come true especially knowing Harry Loved her but can he do the same 4 years later? Or will he break her heart again?


5. Hey harry,i missed you


''Hey harry I missed you'' I said to myself, he had just come out of the shower and that's when I realised that I loved him.

He had been singing all morning and I was out side of his room listening to him,  He was singing a song that was on at our prom, I was his date I wore a purple skinny dress and my hair all curled he told me that I was the one for him and he would never leave me.. but now I know not to listen to harry styles as he is a liar, ''You missed me?'' harry said from behind me, I must've been daydreaming, ''Oh....ermm....'' I don't know what to say ''I need to have a shower'' I ran up stairs but he grabbed my wrist '' Em I don't know what is going on with you but you have changed, you seem more... More...I don't know but your different I don't know if I like it or not''


Harry's POV

I got out of the shower and heard someone say ''Harry I miss you'' then I realised it was emma, my dream girl, everybody in my family loved her because she was perfect, she was shy and fiddled with her fingers when she was nervous but that's what made her Emma, and she wouldn't be my baby girl without that little twist to her, I crept p behind her and said I heard her talking to herself but she ran of, but she has never been a fast runner so I grabbed her wrist and told her that she had changed, it wasn't the sort of change where you might have a different colour hair or a new top it was the kind of change that effected her life and I don't think she even knows that its happening to her.

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