Loving You Is Like...

Emma Tanberry is a makeup artist she does it for anyone on tour, TV , films anything;She was bought up in Holmes Chapel and went out with Harry Styles but as time went on she began too lose him in the land off fame and fortune,but being a makeup artist she meets different singers and actors and meeting the biggest boy band in the world is a dream come true especially knowing Harry Loved her but can he do the same 4 years later? Or will he break her heart again?


2. Going to Birmingham

I'm on my way too Birmingham, the trip is only 40 minutes but it seems like forever. One Direction are starting there tour there then over too Ireland I'm not sure if harry knows its me who will be stuck with for like 6 months!!!




I arrive Birmingham right on time and walk over too a Small little place that is white all over but with a red roof I knock on the door and a tall blonde headed boy answers the door ''Emma, am I right your our makeup artist this time aren't you'' I nod and he leads me into where 2 other boys are sitting ''Emma this is Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik'' ''Obviously' 'I say sarcastically then have a little giggle fit like my cousin does Gabrielle when I say the word bubblegum (true) I sit down and they ask me lots off questions too kill time ''So..where are you from?'' Zayn asks pulling a can of coke for me ''Holmes Chapel'' I reply they all look at me surprised but I would've known it was coming ''Did you no Harrys from there'' Louis says ''Yeah I think I may off knew him'' I lied but if I went on they would probably think he's some kind off bitch for him braking up with me just for being famous and then they might brake up but...Nevertheless I carry on drinking my coke...


''Hey Guys'' I here a thump on the door ''Let US in'' I heard a very familiar, strong British accent ''OKAY okay and shut up the makeup artist is here'' I here everything go silence and I blush for no apparent reason. ''The door bursts open and I see Liam Payne standing there and Harry...he is grinning his face off but then he glances over too me he totally loses it and runs out like a complete and utter maniac all the boys look at me confused as well...



hey guys I only put this up yesterday and already its on 3 peoples fave list please all them people like my mean girls put cause I like that better (no offence) sorry about the punctuation I was in a hurry and I bet if my English teacher saw it she would go  mad as im a level 6a in English but only 10 so don't put pressure on me (lol) bye x 5:29pm 18/03/2013



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