Loving You Is Like...

Emma Tanberry is a makeup artist she does it for anyone on tour, TV , films anything;She was bought up in Holmes Chapel and went out with Harry Styles but as time went on she began too lose him in the land off fame and fortune,but being a makeup artist she meets different singers and actors and meeting the biggest boy band in the world is a dream come true especially knowing Harry Loved her but can he do the same 4 years later? Or will he break her heart again?


3. Explanation please?

''W.....what happened'' Niall asks a little confused, I told all the boys that I new him but nothing else they all nodded at the right moments and laughed at the wrong these guys were the cutest! I just want too kiss them all on the cheek.


''Night Emma'' The boys all say'' Night guys'' I fall too sleep but wake up with a torch on my face and a cute boy looking at me ''What the fuc...'' I say ''Its only me And are you Emma'' ''Yes, harry its me'' He switches the light on and grins ''Emma...why are you here'' He asks gazing into my eyes, ''I'm a makeup artist now and I'm on tour with you for a couple for months....Then he leans into me and kisses me ''HARRY get off me now!'' he runs out off the room , like earlier, he is still the Harry I have known all my life but maybe with a couple more spots and I think his hair is much more curlier than it used too but when I gaze into his eyes my heart beats really fast when he messes up his hair I just want too kiss him but I cant let him no that....even though I want him to xx


sorry its short in a hurry gtg 2karate 19/03/2013 6:29pm xx

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