READ NOW!!! mature content!!!

Very explicit content! Read if you dare!!!


1. the big bear party

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Fruby. One day Fruby went onto the big bad woods.

"oh no," said Fruby."its getting dark! Mummy and daddy will be waiting for me at home!!!"

But Fruby was lost....

Dum dum dumm....??!!!!

So Fruby met a grizzly bear.

" you're a grizzly bear! I don't like grizzly bears!"


"I'm going to eat you," said Grizzly. "grarrrrrr!!!"

The grizzly bear chased Fruby around the garden.

"Na Na ne Na Na! I'm gonna get you," said Grizzly.

"Grarrrrr!!!! Scaryyyyyy!!!!!!"




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