Obsessed with you.

Jessica Ramirez Has Just Moved From Florida To California.She's not the beiigest fan of one direction..but what happens when she comes face-to-face with flirty Harry Styles...will that change her mind.or will harry win her heart....They date for 2 months till' she can't take it all anymore..they break up,but how does harry take it? find out!


1. Introduction

          setting: warm day in california,jessica was walking along in the mall.


        I went to the mall,just the buy myself a welcoming present since no one even bothered to buy me one.."um,hi im looking for any store that sells shoes or something..? sorry.that's stupid im new around" Jessica said to the cashier. "that's quite alright sweetheart..just walk straight ahead and follow the blue tiles." responded the cashier. "thank-you so much!" she said turning and walking away.....okay so,blue tiles,blue tiles....jessica thought to herself. "oh my gosh it's HARRY STYLES!" she heard a teenage girl scream,than there was an ocean of teenage girls chasing harry styles,except for jessica of coarse,she's not a big fan of the famous 'one direction' there cute and they can sing woopy doo! jessica thought to herself and rolled her eyes. "aha! blue tile" she said to herself,she found a huge store right infront of her. As she was walking in she bumped into a guy hiding himself "hey watch were you're going you hit me with your arm." said jessica holding her head "shhhh. they'll find me,come here." replied the young man "oh great,1st you hit me now kidnap me. great." she rolled her eyes. "promise not to freak out?" said the man "yes. okay? there." jessica said annoyed "i'm harry styles.." he said taking off his jacket,jessica just looked at him plainly "did you hear me i'm harry" he said "and im jessica" she said annoyed.. "ususlly most girls will freak out over me.." he said smiling "yeah,well not me" she said walking away "wait! can I join you?" he said running after her "i guess,you'd be awesome company the one and only harry! ahh! no." she said "haha.you seem cool..jessica" he said in his deep voice "thanks and your not" she said winking "Hey!" he said running after her again. She fell over and he,being childish fell on her she moaned "Okay i'm done with this whole hurting people thing,keep 4 feet away from me got it?" he nodded. she kept walking "so,why don't you like me" he asked behind her, "oh come on,im not those girls who would be all like oh my gosh! and i never said i dis-liked you." she said "so you admit you like me "no! ugh,what ever sure.." she said annoyed "well,ill make you mine" harry said under his breath.

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