Obsessed with you.

Jessica Ramirez Has Just Moved From Florida To California.She's not the beiigest fan of one direction..but what happens when she comes face-to-face with flirty Harry Styles...will that change her mind.or will harry win her heart....They date for 2 months till' she can't take it all anymore..they break up,but how does harry take it? find out!


2. I'm in love

It has been 2 months in counting since jessica and harry have been meeting up and hanging out. It's the perfect time for harry to ask jessica,that question.."hey jessica" harry said softly "yes?" she said turning around with a polite smile,"well. i know it's only been 2 months since we've really gotten to know each other but..i'm in love with you,and was wondering if you would like to be my girl friend?" he said with a slight smile on his face "well,I uh I..i suppose,yes." she said smiling "yes..? really!" he said "yes." she replied with a smile on her face,he stood up and kissed her on the cheek,"thank you." he said she just responded with a smile,(a few months later 5 in counting) jessica is 19 now,same age as harry..they meet up at the mall,where they 1st met..Jessica's POV- i don't know what to do,should i break up with him? or will that hurt me more than it'll hurt him? i had a tough desicion,i walked up to him trying to force a smile.."harry.." i said "yes love?" he responded smiling "i...i can't do this,i can't date you any longer" i said looking away from him "okay,it's fine" he said "what do you mean fine,i love you" i said crying "bye jess,see you around." he said walking away. I wanted to run after him so badly but i held back i can't show how hurt i am,not now...not ever again. It's for my own good, Harry's POV- i walked away from jessica,but looked back and she was gone out of sight,i went in my car and drove to my flat..i couldn't possibly walk any longer so i laid down on the couch crying, "i'll get her" i said to myself smiling cause i love her and i know how she feels about me i'll find her,and watch her and get her i thought to myself..just watch out jessica cause im coming. Jessica's POV- I got home and ran up to my room,looking at the clock it was already 12;19 pm i gotta get to sleep,just as I was about to fall into a deep sleep i heard my alarm (security) go crazy! "who's there" i said i saw someone's shadow coming up "mom is that you?" i said backing up but it wasn't my mom..."ahh! let me go!" the man took all my things well,pictures and escaped out of sight..i layed down and cried till' morning. The next day i woke up,and went out side but something was strange,it usually isn't this quiet around here. I went to The store to grab some lunch,I felt someone following me,I turned around of coarse it was my imangination..or so I thought i felt someone behind me,I turned around "it's you" I said.

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