Obsessed with you.

Jessica Ramirez Has Just Moved From Florida To California.She's not the beiigest fan of one direction..but what happens when she comes face-to-face with flirty Harry Styles...will that change her mind.or will harry win her heart....They date for 2 months till' she can't take it all anymore..they break up,but how does harry take it? find out!


3. Harry goes crazy

Previously: it was only my imagination,..or so i thought,i felt someone behind me and turned around ''it's you'' i said.


"so,jess what happened when that man broke into you're house take some pictures?" harry said getting closer "get away from me! how do you know!" i screamed "i have been watching you,every day.." he said "what..get away!" I said but with one punch I was knocked out..I woke up imedietly,I saw harry making something "oh finally you're awake" he said with a grinny smile on his face,''what am I doing here? where's my phone,my everything!" i said "you're clothes are washing and you're phone..well you won't need it it's in my room." he said grinning I went to his room and looked for it ''where!'' i said ''on the bed'' he said back,i got on ''but it's not'' i said but i noticed him come in and lock the door ''harry,stop playing what's wrong with you!'' i shouted ''nothings wrong with me,'' he said taking his clothes off he got on top of me with all his weight ''get off'' i said but be covered my mouth with a pillow sheet,i was panicking and kicking as he kissed down my neck,and all over..he thrusted himself into me i tried to talk but that pillow sheet wouldn't allow me all i can do is kick,i kicked and kicked but finally gave in,i closed my eyes so i wouldn't see him he kept thrusting..until everything was pitch black,everything,,I woke up but he was still asleep i looked for the house phone (liam's number) jess-liam  liam- what could you possibly want at this time harry? jess-it's not harry,it's jess harry raped me liam-what! i'm coming, jess-no! he doesn't know we talked i hear him waking up! gotta go love you! :0 liam- careful,he's gone crazy god knows whats gotten into him ait before you go i need to tell you- jess-yeah, liam- he's gone completley crazy over you.obsessed be careful alright love? jess- I will liam,i will. liam- well okay,just warning..if you need me to come over i'm just a call away. xxx,liam i smiled at the phone "where are you!" i heard harry scream "uh-oh. harry i'm,uh in the bathroom!'' i ran back to the room and laid down he put his arm over me..''i want you here forever'' he said ''i will be,i will'' i said but i didn't think i meant it..I wasn't feeling so well,but who cares wait what am i saying! ''here's your water you asked for'' harry said ''uhm harry i has powder from a pill in it,and can get me high..'' i said fake laughing ''drink it. now.'' his voice became harsh,but i drank it and fainted on the ground,not fainted but felt dizzy ''good,drink more'' harry said i took more and drank the whole thing i heard harry laugh,he got on me and something made me enjoy it ''want to?'' he asked like he knew i was gonna say yes,which i did. with-out hesitation he thrusted in me and some how it felt good ''stop'' i said but he didn't lisen i tried to say and move anything but looks like that pill gets you weak and takes your voice away,harry was in complete control of me and i liked it,alot....this can't end well. i thought as i moaned but harry got harder and harder..not caring if he hurt me or not which it did hurt alot he wouldn't stop ''i'm gonna do this ALL day long'' he said..he was in complete control,and i couldnt do anything about it.

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