Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


9. The morning

Sadie's P.O.V.

I open my eyes to see Liam sleeping by my side.

Wow. Last night was awesome.

I turn and see Niall and Michelle eating cereal on the bean bags.

Michelle must have heard me turn.

"Good morning!" He says

"Good morning" I say sleepily

"I would offer you breakfast but Niall ate it all" Michelle giggles

"I think me, Liam, and Niall should head home soon," I say sitting up.

Michelle sighs, "aww why?"

"Because I forgot to tell my mom I was coming here."

Oh no. She's going to kill me.

"OH MY GOSH WE FORGOT! I'm sorry Sadie I forgot!"

"It's all good even if she gets mad at me, We only have one more month of school. And I am 18."

"True but you all should head home, it's 8 so your mom might not be awake yet."


I get out of bed and tell Niall to wake Liam up.

Once he's awake we all head out the door and wave goodbye.

"So what did you and Michelle do while we were asleep?" I grin

"Nothing! Well maybe something." He blushes

"Ooooh Niall! What happened" Liam says

"Nothing much! We just kissed that's all!" Niall says, still blushing.

Liam and Niall high five.

"We look so goofy out here in full on prom attire." I say looking at everyone outfits.

"Yeah. We look like the definition of walk of shame!" Liam laughs.

As we get close to my house I say,

"Wish me luck guys. You might need to come to my funeral."

"Don't say that!" Liam's says, "just text me later what happens with you two."

I give a thumbs up and open the door.

And open the door..


Dang it the doors locked!


I guess I could climb the side of my house and into my window..

"What are you doing?"

"Oh thank goodness it's you!" I say seeing my sister open the door.

"Come inside. Moms not too happy with you at the moment."

Oh no..

I walk in to see my mom sitting on the couch.

"Hi mom"

"Well. Why are you just getting home," she looks down at her watch, "at 8:36 in the morning!"

"I stayed at Michelle's last night!"

"Why didn't you tell me? Shouldn't I know when my daughter stays with someone? Who all was there?"

"I forgot! And It was just me and Michelle!" I lie

"Oh I see. So those two boys dressed up in suits to come walk you home?"


"Ummm... Would you believe me if I said yes...?"

"No. I can't trust you to tell me the truth, so I can't trust you with that boy."


"You heard me, text him right here in front of me and tell him. I don't care if you tell him I'm making you. You just have to, then give me your phone."

I start to cry.

"But mom!!!"

"But nothing! If you don't text him I will!"

I sniffle as I sit beside my mom, unlock my phone, and send Liam this:

"Liam, I'm really sorry. Maybe things will work out later on when I move out. My mom is very upset with me about not telling her about Michelle's and lying to her. She's making me break up with you. Maybe we can hang out soon. I really don't want this to happen but I want you to know. I love you. Goodbye..."

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