Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


3. Running Buddy

Sadie's P.O.V.
That's all I have to say..
I barely know him.
He seems sweet..
And cute.
But I'm not sure if I'm ready to date or think about dating him.
Matthew broke up with me around 4 months ago but still.
It hurts.
My friends tell me I need to move on.
Maybe Harry is more of a blessing than a curse.
I have and hour till my run.
Oh no.
I told Harry he could run with me..
I look so ratchet running..
Better where some makeup.

Harry's P.O.V.
30 minutes.
I cannot wait go on this run!
What should i wear?
Um I don't usually go running unless its from one of those "Crazy Fans"
I think these ball shorts um..ah! This hoody..
What? It's cold out! Don't judge my sense style!
I put my shoes on and headed out to Sadie's 10 minutes early

*knock knock knock*

"Hello there harry"

"Hey running buddy"
"Haha you don't look like much of a runner" she says eying me
"This is my first time in forever"
"Well- hey! What that over there?"
She points I look and don't see anything
"HEY! You tricked me!" I say chasing after her

We ran what seems like forever and finally stopped 
Panting I said "Sadie you wear me out" 
"After a few times you'll be as great as me!"
"Is that so?!" I say
We sat down on a bench at the park a mile from my house.
I asked "so Sadie I don't know much about you"
"Well here the basics..my favorite color is red, I love cats, and when I'm not running I like drawing, and I'm from Kentucky in America"
"Oooh small town girl I like it"
"My dad a year ago got promoted and we moved here so it's been a change, but enough about me what about the wonderful Harry styles?!"
"What you read is what you see babe"
"Oh so your a selfish man whore? Tabloids a bitch!"
"Haha no I'm really sweet..and romantic but that will come later" 
She blushed.
Oh my god that's so cute.
 I'm really starting to like this girl.
"So are you single?" I ask 
"We'll that's a window of opportunity" I think out loud
"It might" 
She says and gets up
"Come on slow boy time to run home" 

We ran about half way there and I stop her
I caught my breath and grabbed her hands.
I stared into her eyes then kissed her.

Sadie's P.O.V.
His lips pressed mine
Woah this is happening
He's kissing me
And I'm kissing him
WOAH this is awesome 
He pulled and away and just gazed at me..
I didn't know what to say so I just looked down
"Sorry if that was weird for you" he said
"No not at all" I say
"Good cause your a great kisser"
"Dido Mr.Styles"
I hear him whisper "my future Mrs.Styles" 
I'm glad I heard that!
We continued out run as if nothing happened
We got to my house and I let him come in
I led him around my house and showed him my room
"Hey I can see my room through your window!"
"That's comforting now I have to get curtains so I can change!"
"Well dont get my hopes up!" He said

He left a little while after that and..wow what a day!
I like running a bit more now..

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