Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


8. Prom night part 2

Sadie's P.O.V.

We walked hand in hand to the back door and walked in once Niall had opened the door for all of us.
I was amazed by the decoration. Every year we get ugly left over decorations for prom; but this year they went all out!

This night was going to be perfect.

Niall's P.O.V. 
I seen how Liam looked at Sadie.
They were just perfect for each other. But the thing is.. Harry looked at her the same way. And still does when he watches her through his window. I think it's kinda creepy but I gotta admit the guy really hates himself for being such a dick. 
If she would he'd have her back in a heartbeat. If only she knew what he did after he saw Liam and her at McDonald's together..

Harry's P.O.V.
I miss her. I watch her almost every night go on her runs. Not to be stalker-ish but for the memories..
The memories when she was mine..
WHY DID I HAVE TO DO THAT!? WHY DID I HAVE TO GO AND BREAK HER HEART OVER MY EX!!?? I don't even like Brittany! And she clearly drugged me that night I woke up by her! After that I kicked that chick out! I want sadie...
I need her.

Sadie's P.O.V.
Since we've been here only 3 old songs have played and just about every girl in here has twerked once.
I'm going to miss this place..
"I have died everyday waiting for you-" 
This is my song! 
I seen Niall guide Michelle to the dance floor and then Liam to my surprise, stood up from his seat and reached his and hand out inviting me to dance.
Which of course I willingly accepted!
We walked out to the floor and began to do what everyone did.
The middle school awkward slow dance.
Except Niall, Michelle, and a few others. They were basically hugging!
I didn't realize I was staring at other until I focused my attention on Liam who was clearly watching me to the whole time.
Then he said 
"Sadie I have to tell you something"
"What's that?" I said
He grabbed my hand and lead me to a quite corner of the gym.
"Sadie, I really like you. And I always have since I first seen you, I was wondering if...um..maybe.. Will you be my girlfriend?"
He sounded so nervous.
"Of course I will Liam!"
I said as I hugged him.
When I pulled away from his hug he leaned in and kissed me.
It was amazing.
This kiss was better than Harry's, it felt more.. I don't know, it had more feeling to it! And it lasted quite a while. We quickly stopped when we heard someone whistle next to us.
It was Niall.
"Woah sorry you two was I interrupting something?!?" He says smiling widely 
"Niall what are you doing here!" Liam says while laughing 
"Clearly walking in on a weird time! But anyway Michelle went to the restroom and I felt out of place so I found you two." Niall said 
"Well lets go back out there haha sorry Niall we didn't know you were lonely" Liam says as he grabs my hand.
I feel so much better now that me and Liam are official.


"That was so much fun! I'm going to miss this ole place!" Michelle sighs.
"Me to, so many memories" I say
"Why don't we all go back to my house. My mom isn't on a business trip right now" Michelle says
"And do what?" I say curiously 
"Idk play games or something"
"Sure might as well what do you guys think?" 
"Sounds great!" Liam and Niall say
We start driving to Michelle's house which isn't to far from mine.
We finally get there and hop out of the car.
"Here we are!" Michelle says as she's pulling out her house keys.
We walk in and and head upstairs to her room.
"So what do you guys wanna do?" Niall says.
"Well I have an Xbox?" She says 
"But we will have to take turns because I only have 2 controllers" she continues.
"That's fine, me and Liam will sit out this game!" I say
Niall and Michelle head to one side of her room and sit in her bean bags.
It felt kinda wired because there backs were facing us.
"So how are you doing love?" Liam's says snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Great! Tonight was so much fun!" I say 
"Yeah I agree, that was actually my first prom."
"So....whatcha wanna do?" I say
"Umm we could start off with a topic and go from there!"
"Sounds good to me!"
We talked for 30 minutes about various things.
Turtles, favorite color, our hobbies, and our favorite celebrities.
Then we got on the topic of our future.
"I've always dreamed of getting  married and having two kids, I'm not sure what career I want. I think I should choose quick college will be here sooner or later." I say
"Yeah I've got the same dream just about except well you already know my career! I'd like to take a break though, in the future so I can settle down." Liam says
I look over and see Michelle and Niall passed out on there bean bags.
Watching them I start to get tired. I put my head on Liam's shoulder and quickly fall asleep.

Liam's P.O.V.
She fell asleep on me. She looks so sweet when she's asleep.
I gently lift her to one side of the bed and cover her.
I'm kind of getting tired too.
Aw what the heck! I laid down next to Sadie and was about to fall asleep when I felt I tapping on my shoulder.
I open my eyes and see Sadie slowly coming closer to me. I wrap my arms around her and she says sleepily
"I'm glad I'm with you Liam, your the best thing that's happened to me"
"I can say the same thing, Sadie I have one this to tell you before you go to sleep"
"What's that?"
"I love you" 
"I love you to Liam" 
I quickly fall asleep, happy with what the night had brought me.

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