Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


2. Pleasant surprise

Harry's P.O.V.
I woke up and didnt know where everyone had went.
I walked out to the kitchen to find everyone waiting on me.
"Hi guys what's up?"
"Oh nothing" they say in unison
Something's up.
As I walk up to then something slaps me in the face.
What the heck?
"Is this a pancake?"
Then they started pelting my with pancakes...
I'm kinda glad it's only pancakes..there soft
Everyone was beating me with the pancakes but Niall..he ate his.

Well I'm glad that's over.
No breakfast for Harry
I hopped in the shower and began singing "money make her smile" by Bruno mars.
Who cares if I'm loud, they've heard me before!
I got out of the shower wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom.
I went to my room an got dressed.
I'm thinking about meeting my neighbors today..

I put on my red chucks and walked out the door.
Here goes nothing...
*knock knock knock*
The door opened and I seen a tall skinny blonde girl standing there.
"Who are you?" She says looking puzzled
"I'm Harry"
"Ok. Harry. Why are you here?"
"I'm here to see..well um..I never caught her name. But she got dark hair, yay high, really pretty"
"SADIE" she screams and walks away from the door.
Replacing her is "Sadie"
"Hello love" I say
"Um hi..why are you here?"
"We'll you see I'm baking a cake and I need some sugar!"
"Your funny" she smiles
"Want to walk?" I say
"Well ok but I'm kinda in my pjs"
"I was last night, we'll be even"
She walked out wearing long fuzzy spongebob square pants pajama pants and a white tank top. And bunny slippers.
"Wow I love your outfit where did you get it?" I joke
"Shut up at least I sleep I clothes!"
She's gotta point.
We walked for a while and then I said
"So your name is Sadie?"
"Could've said it last night!"
"Haha I didn't expect to see you at my door!"
"I had to see you, your to beautiful to ignore"
"Aw how corny! Thank you it was a pleasant surprise"
Yessssss she wanted to see me!
We got back to her house and I said
"So when am I seeing you next"
"We'll I go running every night"
"I guess I'm a runner now"
"Bye Harry" she said and walked inside
She wants me.
Just kidding she probably has a boyfriend..
I went back inside and hear the Ohs from the boys and they asked "who's your Gorky friend haz???"
"She's not my girlfriend...I wish"
"Aw someone got rejected" said Niall
"I never asked!"
"Someone can't close" said Niall
"I could've closed" said Zayn
"Even I could close" said Liam
"Shut up guys" I say

Tonight I'm getting her number..
I have to.
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