Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


5. Oh no Ho!



Sadie's P.O.V.
"Hey streaker!"
"Omg never speak of that.."
Harry grinned and opened the car door for me.
What a gentlemen.
I got in and he blasted the music all the way to the restaurant.
When we arrived I was amazed at how expensive and fancy this place is!  
We walk in the entrance and are greeted by a pretty blonde girl
 "table for two?" She asks
"Yes mam" Harry say cheekily.
Maybe to cheekily 
I brush it off and walk to our table
"I'm Brittany and I'll be your waiter this evening, what would you like to drink"
"I'll take a water with lemon" says Harry
"Coke" I say 
"Alrighty! Here's your menus and I'll bring your drinks in just a second" she winks at Harry.
Aw heck no.
I was about to say something but Harry interrupted my fury with a question "so how are you liking this place?" 
"It's nice" I say trying to seem nice when really I am P-Oed 
"Something wrong love?" 
"No I'm fine, trying to decide what to get" I lie 
The prices are high here! 
Fat Sadie wants a steak and macaroni but running Sadie needs a salad. I got a some type of salad that had chicken in it just because the picture looked good! 
"Brittany" came back with our drinks and said 
"Ready to order?" 
"Yes I'll take the chicken salad"
"And I'll take the lasagna"
She writes it down and with a little sass says "ok it should be about 20 to 30 minutes" then walks away.
20 to 30 minutes to get to know Harry better! 
We run alot but I don't really know him to well.
"So Harry how've you been?" 
"Great since I met you" 
"How sweet! I'm the same"
"Weird it's been less than a month since I've met you!" Harry says
"Yet so much has happened!" I say
Brittany comes out with the food and mixes up mine and Harry. 
Harry corrects her and says 
"I got the lasagna and she got the salad"
"My mistake I thought she'd be eating more" 
What did she just say?
Oh no Ho!
"What's that supposed to mean?", I say.
"Sweetie I think you know" 
"Oh I see, ratchets do tend to get jealous of natural curves" I say
"Whatever I bet your friend here likes my body better than yours!"
I look at Harry questioningly.
He shrugs
"Ugh" I spat.
I slapped my napkin down on the table and got up
"Wait wait Sadie!"
"Let whore Brittany eat with you I'll find a ride home"
I hastily walked out of the restaurant
What the heck was that?!
 Whores now a days

I began walking for a while..
It's been 15ish minutes but I run for an hour this doesn't phase me.
Then a car pulls up next to me?
Omg is it a kidnapper?! 
The window rolled down and to my relief..
It was Liam.
I've never really talked to Liam but he's seen me naked so we cool.
"What are you doing walking?"
"Long story" I say with a sigh
"Hop in I've got time"
I jumped in the passenger seat and fastened my seat belt.
"So what happened?"
I told Liam the whole story of Brittany and her rudeness.. And about Harry during all this.
"I would say wow but I'm actually not surprised" says Liam.
"What?! Has he done this before?"
"Quite often actually"
Well I feel played!
Liam patted my knee and said,
"Don't worry Harry's always been a jerk, he's not into long relationships. This is one of the longer flings he's had. Honestly I think it's because he- WE saw you naked" 
I just looked out the window...
"Gotta let this sink in.."
"I'm really sorry, really it's his lose"
"What do you mean by that?"
"Your beautiful, not trying to sound creepy. Hey want to go to McDonalds? Since you didn't get to eat"
"Liam are you asking me out?!" I say sarcastically with a giggle.
"Why yes I am" he asks
"Oooh bro code violation!"
"Gotta do what cha gotta do"
We pull up to McDonalds and park.
He got out of the car and walked out to let me out.
Chivalry is not dead.
We walked in and he ordered ALOT of chicken nuggets!!
"And what do you want?"
"Um a happy meal!" 
Liam laughed 
"What? I'm a kid at heart!"

Hey everyone I know it's been forever since I've updated but I've had a block! And another thing. I know this is supposed to be about Harry's experiences but I thought maybe it could start being Sadie's...
Thoughts? And thanks to the like 5 people that read this!

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