Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


1. I'm back!

Harry's P.O.V.
Well I just got off tour. Me and the guys are so relieved to be back!
Over the tour we all broke it off with our girlfriends do to being so busy.
It sucks...
The girls understood but man do I hate being single!

"Hi mum!" I greeted walking inside out house.
"Harry!!! I missed you so much why are you here so late?" She said
"The flight was was delayed do to weather"
"I'm so glad your home I missed you so much! Where are the boys?" She asked
"They went out to celebrate for a while they'll be here later"
"Ok but you might have to share a bed with Lou, if so.. Sleep with some clothes on. You worry me boy!" She laughs
"Fine.." I sigh
I think Lou has the hots for my mom.
Wow that's going to be awkward.

I went to answer the door and
"Dog piiiiiillllllleeee!!!!" Screams Louis
I pushed Louis off first, then Zayn, next Liam, lastly Niall.
Wow that kids heavy.
We walked into my room where they set their stuff down.
"We'll that was a warm welcome" I say to myself
My thought was canceled by Liam's question "where will everyone be sleeping"
"Liam and Zayn in the living room on the couches, Niall in the guest bedroom, and Louis...um well no where else to sleep but my moms room"
He brightened up by that comment I made there
"Kidding only perverts stay in my room, you gotta share a bed with me"
"Damn it..." Louis replies
Wow sometimes I don't know why we are friends I love him as my brother though.
"Who's up for a drink?" Niall says
"Haven't you had enough to drink tonight?" Zayn says.
"Says the Bradford bad boy" I snicker
"Shut up I'm more of a badass than you" he says
"Prove it" I say
All of the sudden he strips of his clothes and jumps out my window. Straight into the pool.
"Who the badass now?" Zayn says
"Psssh watch this" I say as I strip down and back flip out the window...
I have bad aim.. I hit a tree on the way down.. Oh well I got into the pool!
Despite my huge, sexy, scratch on my back.
Louis screams " you two seem more like dumb asses than badasses"
I can tell Liam looks so concerned right now. He's so protective.
I climb out of the pool after Zayn realizing Zayns underwear were on...mine weren't.
Where did they go!?
I see them floating at the deep end of the pool and I'm way to cold to go back.
By now all the boys are in my back yard.. With me out there naked..
"Omg Harry I dare you to run around your neighborhood once, just once!" Says Niall
"Do it badass" Zayn says
"Fine I will" what am I saying?
I start off sprinting naked as I was when I was born. I wonder do i Iook good running around like this?
This thought catches me off guard when I run into a pretty young lady.
Wow she's hot. She has straight black hair with a dark complexion. And wow is she curvy! But not in a fat way. In a skinny Kim kardashian mini way.
I realize. I'm on top of her. She must have noticed to cause she starts screaming!
I quickly got up and said "oh my gosh I am so sorry my friends dared me to run around naked and I didn't mean to-" she stops me and says "it's fine I'm glad you aren't some creeper, your Harry I know your mom she's my neighbor"
She American...sexy. Wait what was that? She's my neighbor? Sweeeet!!!'
"Oh is it weird of me to ask for your number?" I say
"Considering your naked and were just on top of me. No. But I'm not sure if I should give it to you" she said "that's fine" I reply "but maybe later I can come over and borrow a cup of sugar neighbor ;)"
"Haha your way to flirty boy" she says starting to walk away.
"What's your name" I yell.
"That's for me to know, and you to find out" she replies

Sadie's P.O.V.
Wow that was weird.
Why do I have to be so flirty? I barely know him and he just fell on top of me naked.
Just continue your run Sadie. Continue your run.

Harry's P.O.V.
I got back home to find.
Everyone is asleep.
That's good cuz it gives me time to think.
This mystery girl is my neighbor.
She's hot.
She's flirty.
And oh yeah probably the sexiest person I've ever seen but still...
Her personality she not like most girls I've been with and I haven't even had a full conversation with her..
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