Lonely Boy

Harry doesn't seem to ever have luck with girls. They turn into flings or just another heartbreak. But can one girl change that forever?


6. How'd I wake up here?!

Liam's P.O.V.
Me and Sadie have become like bestfriends! Sadie is a senior and school is ending for her soon so I can have a summer with her! Harry hasn't been talking to me lately.. I mean he's taking this really hard I don't know why because it was his fault! And now him and Brittany have a thing goin on. What a pig.

Sadie's P.O.V.
Only a month left of school...
Woah I'm getting old..
Prom is in a week to! I have no idea who I'm going with.
Matthew asked me. That's not happening!
He's not gettin a second chance! 
I was thinking about seeing if Liam wanted to go as friends but I doubt he would..
Today I'm going with my friend Michelle to look for prom dresses. Might as well ask Liam if he wants to go.
To: BFILA (aka best friend I like a lot)
"Hey wanna come with me and Michelle to look for prom dresses today? You can bring one of the boys so your not alone if you like! Lol"
"Sure! Niall has been lonely lately I'll see if he wants to tag along"
"Ok! Come to my house in like 10 minutes :)" 
"See ya ;)"
Woah. A winkie face!
*knock knock knock*
"Hey girl! Ready to go shopping?" I say
"Heck yeah!!"
She walks in and we sit on the couch while we wait for Liam and Niall.
A few minutes pass by and they knock on the door.
"Hey guys!!!" I say a I greet them at the door.
"Hello ladies" Liam's says
"Well lets quit just standing around here and go to the mall!" Michelle says.
She's so blunt about everything!

We head out to my car and start driving to the mall...

Whatta car ride! Niall and Michelle hit it off and everything seemed so hilarious the whole time! Wow I've got a great group of friends! 
"Come on girls lets go get these dresses!" Niall says
First we go to Macy's and me and Michelle both found some awesome dresses! She wants a long dress but I want a short one that stands out!
Michelle's dress is short in the front and as it goes to the back it gets longer and lightly drags the ground. It's navy blue and has a purple sequin, heart shaped top. And purple glitter throughout.
It's really pretty! 
I found one that is short and the neck line is cut really low! The top of it is a mixture of different shades of purple sequin. And then the bottom is poofy and orange with hints of purple sequin here and there.
After we payed for the dresses I got my 20 seconds of courage and said to Liam 
"Do want to go to prom with me... You know, as friends?"
"Of course! I'd be honored!"
We payed for the dresses and Liam said to Niall 
"Weren't you going to ask something mate?"
"Oh yeah...um...Michelle...I know we haven't known each but do you think that I could accompany you to the dance?"
"Well yeah! Wait- do both need suits?" Michelle says
"Yeah that would probably be a good idea"  Liam says
"We do have to get our shoes so maybe you two could go get your suits while we get our shoes and meet back up"  I say
"Sounds good!" Liam says and we depart

Harry's P.O.V.
I feel strange.. I thought.
Oh well might as well get some breakfast.
I got up and started walking to the kitchen and heard a faint
"where you goin" 
Kinda scared me.
I look over to see Brittany sprawled out in my bed.... What the heck?!
"To get some breakfast" I say shocked she's there.
"I'm coming" she said
"Wait wait wait. How exactly did you get here?" I say
"You called me last night, remember?you were going on and on about Sadie so i just decided to come over, oh yeah you looked a little drunk to"
Oh. My. Gosh.
Did I do what I think I did???

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