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2. Prologue/Chapter One


"Princess Isabelle." My fiancé, Prince James bowed. He took my hand and kissed it. I was mentally gagging. I smiled and replied. "Prince James, I wasn't expecting a visit from you today. I apologize for my dressing." I was wearing a five hundred thousand dress and is that annoying ass thinks it is undress I swear I will kick him in the balls with anyone notice.  

"Princess you look perfect. Your beautiful has surpassed from our last visit." Did he just call me ugly? I smiled and thanked him. I was mentally killing him. 

"Your beauty is like eternal rose that gets more beautiful everyday." He had the cheesiest pick up lines ever. I feel like he reads these from cereal boxes or something equally stupid and memorizes them. I smiled and thanked him again.  

"I cannot wait for my marriage to a beautiful lady like you." He whispered in my ears when he stood up. I was to be married to him tomorrow. I hated everything about it. I hated the person. I hated the area. I hated color scheme. I hated that the one I loved wouldn't try and stop the wedding. I hated that I would never get a chance to marry him. I wish James would go and die. So that way I can marry the one I loved. 

"Princess we must get going tomorrow will be a long day for you." My servant Dana said awakening me from my thoughts and into my harsh reality. She knew I hate him. 

"I know. Dana I wish he was still here." I told her. She was the only one besides my sister, Melanie who knew about my relationship with Harry. Melanie accidentally found out when she walked in on us kissing. Melanie kept it safe and helped met him at times when I needed to leave and I couldn't. It was all over now since he left. 

"I wish he was marrying you instead of Prince James. He makes you happy. Prince James is head over heels in love with you though. I can tell from his eyes when he looks at you." Dana answered. I sighed.  

"Dana just call him James and stop calling me Princess. I am just Isabelle or Izzy or Belle to you! I forbid you to call me princess you are my only true friend." I smiled while I mock scolded her.  

"Okay Isabelle please sleep." She begged before I went to my room.  


I sighed remembering the horrid day before my ever more horrid wedding. I was still awake. I could never sleep until very late. I would go to the balcony and stay out there till sleep would start to consume my body. I felt the need to go out to the balcony and feel cold winds blowing at me. I slowly and carefully not to wake up James got out of the bed. I walked to the balcony connect to our room. I felt goosebumps forming as my skin connected to cold wind. I looked out at the balcony seeing London beautifully. I felt the pain that I would never see him ever again.  

"Harry, where are you? I don't care if you don't love me anymore after what happened but I still love you." I whispered. I felt like Juliet in Romeo and Juliet expect Romeo or Harry would never come. I felt a few tears spill down. I still love you after two years of not seeing you. I love you, just show up. I felt left wrist being grabbed tightly, paining me. I was dragged out and pushed against a wall and my eyes meet with my 'husband's' plain brown eyes. Expect they were mad. My shockingly bright blue eyes widened with fear.  

"Who the hell is this man you were speaking of? You whore. You were cheating on me." He spat at me with disgust. As much as I would love to cheat on you. I have no one to cheat on you with! I was mentally screaming this.  

"No. It's just someone I loved. I knew him before you. He is no longer talks to me. I would never be unfaithful to anyone." I assured him. He tightened his hold my wrists. I felt such pain. I bit back the scream and tears.  

"Listen you are married to me! Not who that douche is. You shouldn't have even known him. How would you like everyone knowing that you had a relationship with another man you were not engaged to?" I widened my eyes again in fear.  

"No! Please don't tell anyone! Please I am begging you." I begged. He laughed. 

"Fine one condition though whore. You do what I tell you." He said. I nodded quickly.  

"To think I was in love with such a person like you." He slammed me harder against the wall. I felt like my back would have bruises tomorrow and my wrists especially. I refused to cry in front of him. Oh how horrid my life will be.  

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