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1. Full Summary


"You're my princess forever." His lips whispered in my ears. I pushed away in anger.

"I'm a queen. I'm married. You can't do this Harold." I spat at him with disgust. He looks at me with shock as called him by his real name.

"What happened to us?" He sounded pain. As much as my heart broke with the sound of his voice. I took a deep before saying what might ruin everything.

"We never had anything to have an 'us.' You ruined it." I felt my heart break as I denying everything that was true. Then I looked in his eyes and I broke as I saw tears spilling down his face. I opened my mouth to try to reverse everything and make it better but I felt his lips crash into mine before I had a chance. It was a sweet sad kiss. It was bittersweet. I avoided eye contact as he spoke.

"You may not love me but I love you. I will always love you." He hugged me as my tears silently fell.

 "I am sorry but Harry we can't. It doesn't matter what we feel for each other. I'm married and I am a queen of country." I wiped my tears before he had a chance to see them.

"I know that's I will leave you alone from now on. Don't worry you won't have to worry about seeing me again." Dammit why does he act like he is victim.

"Harold. What the fuck was that! You are saying that like I'm the one not giving you a chance. Harold I gave you a chance. Six years! I waited for you for six years. I cried myself asleep seeing your face with some girl. I hoped and hoped that you would come back but I eventually figured out you never would. You aren't the victim. I am! I have been suffering for six years because of you!" I shouted at him. I can't believe I tried to forgive. I almost did.

 "You were the one who pushed me away. I fucking love you till it hurts." With that he left humming the tune of my favorite song, The Reason.

Harry Styles, a popular single man and one of the singers of One Direction. Isabelle Williams, one of the princesses of England. Engaged to a prince of another country. What do these two have in common? Harry and Isabelle have been dating for three years in secret. Isabella being engaged to some prince she cannot stand and Harry being a pop star. It wouldn't look good if they went public so they kept it secret. When Isabelle finds out that her father's dying wish is for to become queen guarantees that her and Harry's chances of ever being a real couple is finished. She must let go of Harry and become queen. Harry takes in the situation and reacts in the way Isabelle least expected. He leaves her. Isabelle brokenhearted marries the annoying prince and becomes queen. Unfortunately for her the prince learns she loves someone else and becomes angry and threatens her to listen to him or else her worst nightmares will come true. Harry still loving Isabelle tries to forget her. He is still stuck on the past as much as he tries to move on. Everything reminds him of her. To make things worse he has to see her with her ‘husband’, which breaks him more. One day two hearts join together in place that was their secret place meet after six long years apart. Will their hearts be reunited or will they be forever just be star crossed lovers?

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