Change Your Life

Emma Sullivan and Ella Tomlinson have been friends all their life. But what happens when Louis starts to develop feelings for Emma? Will she feel the same way or will she and Louis remain friends.


6. 6. Familiar Voice

Emma's P.O.V.

We ran all the way to the school, around the soccer field three times, back around the school, and back to Ella's house. I made it back first and everyone made it back like 5 minutes after me. "Ha! I told you i would beat you!" I said, out of breath, as the girls stood there breathing heavily. "You guys are my servants for a week!" I say smiling. "I knew we shouldn't have done that." Said Ella flopping into the grass. Everyone else did the same thing. Eventually i lay down with them. "Well what do you want us to do first?" Asked Lydia. "Lets just go inside, get cleaned off, and hydrated; then we can start." "Okay." Said Jorden hopping up. She helped us all stand up and we walked inside. 


Louis' P.O.V.

The girls walked inside all sweaty and out of breath. Emma was wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts. Most of the other girls had on their soccer uniforms. "Hello girls, a bit sweaty arent we?" I asked jokingly. "Haha very funny." Said Ella flatly. "We just 5000 miles..." Said Jorden who was completely out of breath. "And i lost a bet." Emma said smiling. "I'm guessing you won?" I asked Emma. "Yup! I should have bet something more than what i did...oh well i still won and have these people as my servants for a week!" She exclaimed smiling. "You don't seem too tired or out of breath." Harry said finally speaking up. Hearing Harry's voice must have gotten Emma's attention because she immediately looked over in his direction. 


Emma's P.O.V. 

"You dont seem too tired or out of breath." Said a familiar British voice. I looked over to see Harry Friggin Styles is standing in the living room talking to me! Ahhh! Yeah i know Louis' in one direction too but, ive known him my whole life. Its different around him. "I-I love to run. Running is my life." I said still in shock. "Shes also like the best football player on the team so.." Said Natalie. "Nice to see you again Styles." Ella said hugging him. "Tommo." Harry said playfully. They both smiled. "Well are ya gonna introduce me?" Harry asked Ella. "Well im pretty sure they all know you," Ella said "But, Emma, Natts, Betty, Lydia, and Jorden, this is Harry Styles. Harry these are my girls. They are on my soccer team. This is Emma, Natalie or Natts, Betty, Lydia, and Jorden." "Cool." He said after she finished. "Well we are going to wash up." Betty said as they all walked upstairs. "Bye." Louis said. "Emma, before you go." Louis said stopping me. "Yeah Lou?" I asked a bit distant. "How far did you go? For your run?" He asked curiously. "Nosey much." i joked "I cut it short and we ran all the way to the school, around the soccer field three times, back around the school, and back. I got back like 5 minutes before them all." I replied answering his question. "Okay cool, you can go now." He said. "Kay bye." I said running up the stairs. 


Harry's P.O.V.

Ella hasn't changed much or grown much either. When i first saw Emma i was frozen and like lost for words. I dont' know why, maybe its just because i just got out of a relationship and my hormones are just messing with me. "Hey Haz, you wanna ring the boys and bug the girls?" Lou asked me. "What? Why?" I asked. "It'll be fun, trust me." He said smirking. "Okay." I said smiling. We rang the boys and arranged for them to meet us in 15 minutes. Lou then told me the plan, this is gonna be great i thought to myself. I smiled and sat down on the couch waiting to start our little prank. 

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