Change Your Life

Emma Sullivan and Ella Tomlinson have been friends all their life. But what happens when Louis starts to develop feelings for Emma? Will she feel the same way or will she and Louis remain friends.


5. 5. The Picture

Ella's P.O.V. 

"Shhhh." I said trying to sush everyone. I walked closer to Emma who was asleep on my couch and then i said "Pass the water." once i had the bucket of water in my hands i dumped it on Emma. She woke up with a loud, ear-piercing, shriek. She was now soaked in freezing cold ice water. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!" She screamed. We all started to laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. "You were asleep and we haven't seen you in 2 days!" Natalie said. 


Emma's P.O.V.

I woke up drenched in freezing cold ice water. "Why did you do that?!?!?" i asked. "You were asleep and we haven't seen you in forever!" Natalie said. Natalie? "What was she doing here?" I thought to myself. I looked around and saw all of my friends from my football (soccer) team. Betty, Lydia, Natalie, Jorden, and (of course) Ella. "Guys? What are you doing here?" I asked looking around at everyone confused. "You were asleep and we havent seen you in 2 days!" Natalie said. "Oh so that explains why you are here and i am drenched in freezing cold ice water at" I paused to look at the clock "At 5 in the morning?!?!" "Yeah." Jorden responded. "I need to go run!" I exclaimed jumping up. "Can we come?" Lydia asked. "Yeah i guess but" I started to say "Emma is really fast" Betty started to finish my sentence before Ella cut her off and finished my sentence by saying "And she likes to run really far." "You guys know me so well!" I said with a smile. "So you guys up for a challenge?" "Sure!" Lydia chimed. "Why don't we make this interesting?" Jorden asked. "You mean bet?" Natalie asked kind of mischievously "Exactly." Jorden responded. "On what exactly?" I asked "If you we finish finish first then you have to...." Jorden said pausing to think "You have to run around school three times yell 'im a big idiot!' and you have to do what ever we want for 1 week." Ella said. "Challenge accepted!" I said. "But if i finish first you guys each have to be my servant for a week." "Okay" The girls chorused. "Well im going to go change" I said leaving to go change. 

Louis' POV

Harry texted me asking if he could come over to hang and i said sure. He responded saying he would be over soon. While waiting for him i decided to go downstairs. When i walked down stairs i saw everyone from Ella's football team except for Emma. "Louis!" Everyone squealed! "We havent seen you in forever!" They all ran over to me and gave me hugs. "Hey girls. Where is Emma?" I asked "Oh she is changing then we are going to run." Natalie explained. "You guys are going to run with Emma?" I asked dumb founded. "Yeah" Betty said "We made a bet" "Well good luck to you all" I said while smiling and going into the kitchen. "Louis we are going on our run now!" Ella yelled to me "Okay! Good luck guys!" I yelled back. Then 10 minutes after the girls left I heard a knock at the door. "Coming!" I yelled while walking to the door. I opened it to see Harry standing at the door. "Hey!" he said "Whats up?" I asked. "Oh nothing." Harry said walking in. "oh come on, i know something's wrong." I said closing the door and following Harry into the living room. "Well...its just that i feel really lonely. I have ever since i broke up with Liz." (A/N Liz is just some random person that i made up to be Harry's ex.) "You broke up with Liz?!?!" I exclaimed. "Yeah, i did like a month ago..but management told me we still had to look like we were dating. So we were "dating" until i stood up to management and told them i wouldn't pretend to date someone who was using me." "way to go! and she was using you?!?!" I asked shocked. "Yeah, she just wanted the fame and popularity." Harry said with tears forming in his eyes. "Oh Harry, that's terrible." I said embracing him in a hug. "Want some tea or something?" I asked Harry while standing up. "Tea please." He said with teary eyes. I walked into the kitchen and started to make some tea. 


Harry's P.O.V.

Louis walked into the kitchen to make me some tea. While he did that i got up and started looking around. I walked over to the shelves and started looking at some photos. I saw a lot of photos of when Louis was younger, Louis with Ella, his family, Louis with friends, and pictures of just Ella. There were also some pictures of Ella and he friends. But there was one girl who was in a lot of the pictures. I wonder who she was. Louis then walked back out. "Emma." he said handing me my tea. "W-what?" I asked snapping out of my trance. "The girl, who is in a lot of the pictures," Louis said pointing to the girl i was staring at. "Her name, is Emma." "Oh, cool." I responded sipping my tea. "Yeah, you want to meet her?" Louis asked staring a picture of just her. He seemed really calm and relaxed while looking at her. "Uhm, what?" I asked. "My sister and Emma are out on a run with some of their soccer team. They will be back soon." He explained. "Oh cool." I said looking at the picture Louis was looking at. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(The picture above is what  want Emma to look like and the picture that Louis and harry are looking at.) 

Hey guys sorry this took me so long to write but i hope you enjoy it! Please be sure to like, favourite, and comment on this fanfic! It would mean so much to me! I will try to update ASAP! LUV YOU GUYS! 


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