Change Your Life

Emma Sullivan and Ella Tomlinson have been friends all their life. But what happens when Louis starts to develop feelings for Emma? Will she feel the same way or will she and Louis remain friends.


4. 4. Dinner

Louis' P.O.V.

"What do you want to eat?" Ella asked us. "Uh i dunno." Emma responded "Lou? What do you want?" Ella asked me. "What if i make my famous spaghetti and meatballs?" "YES!" Emma squealed. "Yeah cool" Ella, calmly, responded. "Okay its gonna take like 30 minutes to make." I informed the girls. "Okay." They both chorused at the same time. I walked into the kitchen and got out everything i was going to need and started to cook. As I was cooking i heard the girls laughing and playfully yelling at each other."Yes!" i heard Emma exclaim. "Yay!" I heard Ella sequel. Then i heard the front door open then slam shut. Then all i heard was silence. This silence was soon followed by the muffled sound of two teenage girls outside. I cleared my mind of the girls and focused on my cooking. 


Ella's P.O.V.  

Emma and i were sat in my living room chatting, actually texting. I know, i know we are in the same room and we are texting; its just something we do. Anyway, we were texting and laughing. Then  i got the greatest idea to pass the time while Louis cooked. "Hey Emma wanna go outside and play football (soccer)?" I asked. Both Emma and I , and our other friends, are on the varsity team from our school. "Yes!" Emma exclaimed. "Yay!" I squealed. Ella and i ran out of my house and slammed the door behind us. Emma ran to her house to get a football to play with and then she ran back. We played one-on-one for a while and then we practiced shooting on each other. Emma is an AMAZING player! And i mean AMAZING! She is so talented! We played until Louis opened the door and said "Dinner is ready girls!" he sounded like mum. Speaking of mum, i wonder where she is? We ran inside and then washed up before eating dinner. "Hey Lou?" I asked. "Yeah Ella?" He responded. "Do you know where mum is?" I asked starting to really wonder where she could be. ", i don't." He answered. "Why don't you call her? You know that's the power of the 21st century. With all of our newest technology." Emma suggested. I laughed a little at her remark. Why hadnt i thought to call or text my mum? Oh well, i will after dinner. We continued to eat and talk.


Emma's P.O.V.

We finished dinner and we decided to rent a movie. "Uhhh what movie should we rent?" I asked. "Uh i dont know..." Ella said. "how about...Pitch Perfect?" Lou suggested. "YES! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!" I said enthusiastically. We rented the movie, made popcorn, got comfortable, and hit play. 

~finish movie~ 

I yawned and said "That.... was amazing." It was taking a lot of power not to fall asleep. "Hey guys," Ella said "Yeah ella?" I responded. "Im gonna...gonna go to sleep" She said yawning and stretching. "Okay." Louis said. "G'Night." I said "Night." Ella said walking up the stairs to her room. "Looks like its just us now." i said looking over at Louis who was sitting on the floor.  " Im actually pretty tired myself" Louis said looking over at me "I think im going to bed as well." "Okay, G'night." I said. "Feel free to spend the night." louis said making his way to the stairs. "Uh no, i think i'll go home. But thanks for the offer." I said. "Okay. Good night." Louis said turning and walking up the stairs. Then before i knew it i feel alseep on the couch. 

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