Change Your Life

Emma Sullivan and Ella Tomlinson have been friends all their life. But what happens when Louis starts to develop feelings for Emma? Will she feel the same way or will she and Louis remain friends.


3. 3. Fair

Emma's P.O.V. 

Terrance slammed his lips onto mine. I don't know why but i felt fireworks, i don't like him. No i can't like Terrance i can't!  He started to bite my lip and i let out a tiny moan, shit i thought hes gonna think i like this. Then he tried to slip his tongue into my mouth but i didn't let him in. I pushed him away and then ran out of school to find Ella. I saw her sitting on the bench,"Ella!" i yelled "Hey Emma there you are! What took you so long?" she replied looking relieved that i was here but also worried that i had taken a long time. I was about to cry, i didn't think i could hold the tears back much longer. We had already started walking to Ella's house a little bit. "I-i-i," i stuttered "Spit it out Emma. Whats wrong? Are you okay?" "I i mean Terrance kissed me." "What?!?!"  Ella exclaimed. "And i-i-i-," i couldn't hold it in, i started to cry. "Emma its okay," said Ella putting her arm around me. "I felt fireworks, i think i-i l-liked it." i said stuttering and crying. "But i hate him. I couldn't have enjoyed that. I should've been terrible." "Why don't you tell me the whole story?"Ella suggested. I nodded and started to explain what happened. We walked up to Ella's house and i had just gotten to the part where Terrance said a kiss. As Ella unlocked the door i continued to explain. "So Terrance said that a kiss would make him leave me alone." "Then i told him only one kiss and i wasn't going to kiss him back." i continued, by now i had stopped crying. We walked in her house and she turned around to face me, we were still standing at the door. "And then he said," i started to say "LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!" "What? HE said 'Louis' why would he say that?" Ella asked confused "No look!" I said pointing behind her "LOUIS HOME!" Ella turned around and saw Louis sitting on the couch. "LOUIS!!!!!" she yelled running towards him. He got up and gave her a huge hug. "I've missed you! Why are you home? I thought you weren't going to be home for another week." "Well i missed my family, and we Paul messed up, he said we were coming home in a week when in reality we were coming home today." Louis said with a smile still hugging Ella. Ella looked so happy. It must be hard to not see your brother fro months because hes away traveling the world. They stopped hugging and i yelled "Louis!" "Emma!" Louis yelled spreading his arms out wide. I ran over to him and hugged him Louis is like a second brother to me and I missed him too. HE engulfed me in a big hug. "Why are you guys home so early," Louis asked "And Emma why does it look like you've been crying?" "Well we uh...kinda got in a fight and git suspended for 5 days and Emma's ex kissed her." "YOU GUYS DID WHAT? AND GOT WHAT? AND EMMA"S EX DID WHAT?" Louis yelled. I couldn't help but smile a little. "Well it all started at lunch..." Ella said starting to explain what happened today "And then we walked in her and Emma yelled 'LOUIS' and now here we are." Ella finished her story. "So none of this will go one either of your permanent records?" Louis asked "Yup." i said "And are you guys okay? You aren't hurt?" he asked again "Not right now." I said "Yeah same" said Ella. "Okay." said Louis. "So what would you like to do?" Louis asked. "I don't know." i replied "Oh how about we go to the fair? Or the movies?" Ella offered. "I like the fair." I said "Yeah the fair is cool." Louis said. "Okay then the fair it is!" Ella said


Louis POV

The girls looked so happy to see me. We had decided to go to the fair for the rest of the day. WE got in my car and we drove to the fair. Once we got there the girls both got out their money to pay but i said "Girls let me pay." "Louis are you sure?" Emma asked. "Yeah Lou you sure? I mean we are sorta the reason that we are here right now." "I'm paying." Emma said paying the guy and the ticket booth. Ella did the same, i simply sighed and paid for my tickets. "You know one of these days i'm going to buy you guys something." I said "no you won't." they said in unison running off into the fair. I followed behind them and watched them run around excitedly. I caught up to them and asked "So where to first?" "Umm i dont know lets just wander." 

~time passes~ 

We had been at the fair for a long time and decided to head home. "Do you guys want to go home for dinner or go out?" Ella asked. "Your house." Emma responded. 


Emma's P.O.V.

We were walking towards the exit when i heard someone yell "Hey Emma!" I turned around and saw Terrance and his group running towards us. I turned around and said "Louis, Ella run." "What? Why?" Louis asked Ella turned around and saw who was behind us and knew why i said to run. "C'mon Lou run!" Ella said starting to run to the car, Louis ran after her. I started to run but then something grabbed my hand. "Where do you think you are going so fast?" Alex said "You thought you could escape me huh babe?" Terrance said with a smile. "Let go of me," i said struggling to get out of Alex's grasp "And i'm not your 'babe'" i spat at Terrance. "C'mon you know you liked that kiss Emma." Terrance said "No i didn't! i hated every second of it, now get out of my face!" i screamed at them. I finally got out of Alex's grasp and ran to the car. I jumped in and told Louis to drive home quickly. Once we got home we walked inside and Louis said "What the heck? Why did we rush out?" "That was Terrance and his group." i explained "You know, the people who beat us up."  Ella added "oh," Louis said "I get it." "yeah." i said. Gosh why did this have to happen to me? Why me? 

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